9 Extreme Locations Where People Live

Earth is our home. And sometimes it seems that every corner of it is suitable for life. However, outside the cozy home we have created for ourselves, there exist less cozy places.

Bright Side has found 9 breathtaking locations that, even though they look unsafe, are still someone's family nest.

9. Castellfollit de la Roca, Spain

Castellfollit de la Roca is a village in the province of Girona. It is located on a rock formed thousands of years ago by hardened lava. The basalt cliff on which the village is situated rises to a height of 50 meters and stretches for one kilometer. The village's population is around 1,000 inhabitants.

8. The Hanging Monastery, China

This monastery was built into a cliff in 491 near the sacred Mount Heng. It combines Buddhist, Taoist, and Confucian altars. A number of halls were constructed along the steep rock that serves as the back wall. Since 1982, the monastery has been protected as a national monument of China.

7. Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

This fairy-tale castle is located at an altitude of 817 meters. Next to it are the ruins of a medieval fortress, built in 1150-1200 and destroyed in the late 14th century. The present castle was built in 1840-1842 and today belongs to the Dukes of Urach. It houses a collection of historical weapons and armor and is open to visitors.

6. Meteora Monasteries, Greece

The location of the Meteora Monasteries on steep cliffs provided security against invasions. Throughout their history, there have been 22 or 24 monasteries. Many of them have turned into ruins, and today only 6 exist: 4 male monasteries and 2 nunneries.

5. Kalapana, Hawaii

In 1986, the lava flow from a volcano turned this place into a ghost town. But, despite the fact that access to the town has been closed, a few people still live there. By 2010, there were 35 houses remaining in Kalapana.

4. Korowai tree houses, Indonesia

The Korowai are the people that inhabit southeastern West Papua in the Indonesian Province of Papua. They are famous for building tree houses at high altitudes, some of which reach 50 meters. Thus, the Korowai escape from floods and from rival clans capturing women and children for slavery

3. Solvay Hut, Switzerland

This mountain hut is located at an altitude of 4,003 meters above sea level on the route to the Matterhorn. Inside the Solvay Hut are 10 beds and a radiotelephone. There is no food because the hut can be used only in case of emergencies associated with weather deterioration.

2. Santos, the City of the Leaning Towers, Brazil

You can see with the naked eye that something is not right with this coastal landscape. Mistakes that are now very difficult to fix were made when building the foundations. Due to an insufficient depth, the foundations were too weak for the large buildings. Despite the fact that the buildings are "dancing," the brave tenants do not leave them.

1. Asian mountain roads

In spite of the real dangers at high altitudes, mountain roads in Asia are constantly busy and sometimes the only available and affordable choice for locals needing to get from A to B. The locals are so used to their roads that they even dare to travel on the bus roofs

Bonus: Strange Google Maps glitches

People living in this area hear a lot on the internet about how crazy the landscape is. In fact, it's just a Google Maps glitch, and the roads are fine. But imagine how unfazed one would have to be to actually dwell in a place like this!

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