I Decided to Travel Around the World, and Now I Have Pictures You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Hi there! My name is Pavel, and I’m currently on my round-the-world trip. I’ve already been to 56 countries, visited several European weddings, and collected a pile of mind-blowing facts about people and different traditions all over the planet.

Exclusively for Bright Side, I went through tons of photos and now I’m pleased to share my personal discoveries with all of you.

47. In Spain, a chair on a road means that there’s a street vendor somewhere nearby.

46. If you get in a taxi and notice coins like these on the windshield, you should know that the driver “fixed” a crack this way. In Bolivia, it’s a common thing to see.

45. High baskets like these make it so wild animals can’t reach the garbage.

44. Wet tracks on the scorching hot sand lead to tents with cold drinks.

43. These are “parking spots” for luggage in Spanish supermarkets. Local women always do shopping this way.

42. In the Basque Country, almost everything is prohibited at the beach. Even the Olympics!

41. In cafés located in Madrid, napkins all over the floor indicate that the place is popular.

40. In Spanish villages, you’ll get morning correspondence and bread as well.

39. Spanish sweet treats sometimes look like sardines in cans.

38. Don’t forget to park your dog before entering a store.

37. Even if it’s raining in Galicia and you don’t have a balcony, you still need to dry your clothes.

36. This is a ride in Catalonia. If you’re scared, you can sit on a toilet bowl instead of an ordinary seat.

35. European churches sometimes use electric candles — you put a coin inside it and it lights up.

34. This may look like a columbarium, but it’s actually a chicken roost in Galicia.

33. It’s not a living room, it’s a family mausoleum in Manila.

32. These are dress code instructions at the entrance of a Malaysian college.

31. An eco-friendly sink in New Zealand

30. In this Italian hotel, the shower is located behind the wall but the taps are installed on the opposite side.

29. In Portugal, as well as in Great Britain, you should mix hot and cold water in your hands.

28. According to Chinese people, natural potato chips are sweet and purple.

27. There are many modern skyscrapers in Hong Kong, but they still use bamboo.

26. Here’s a Hong Kong egg waffle with borscht. It sounds interesting but it’s not the famous soup — it’s just a kind of vegetable stew.

25. In Malaysia, there are sushi sandwiches made of bread for those who don’t like seaweed.

24. In Bangkok, you can have a snack even if you get stuck in a traffic jam.

23. In Berlin, you don’t have to look for a hot dog kiosk — it’ll come right up to you!

22. Thai monks decorate money trees with banknotes.

21. In this Singapore subway, you’re not allowed to chew gum or even kiss.

20. Some Asian temples may only be visited by those without shoes. And if you enter a house in Indonesia, you’ll be asked to take off your socks too.

19. In South Korea, it’s popular to draw caricatures of pets, not people.

18. It’s easy to see that Finnish people live long lives.

17. Finnish students ride bicycles all the time.

16. The most luxurious McDonald’s is located in Porto. It’s a former elite hotel.

15. In this Indonesian McDonald’s menu, you can find rather simple food.

14. Vietnamese street cafés are the most mobile cafés in the world.

13. In Turkey, you can enjoy your favorite soft drink in an unusual design.

12. In Moscow, you can purchase a spritz of perfume. But you won’t know what it smells like since you can’t sniff it first.

11. In a popular furniture store in the Netherlands, you can buy ice cream and serve it to yourself.

10. In Athens, shoe store assistants have to go to the window display to find a second shoe.

9. In Brussels, you can hardly find 2 similar road signs — they all resemble true masterpieces.

8. In Germany, these creative hooks prohibit hangers from being stolen out of stores.

7. In Hamburg, almost all traffic lights have 2 red stop signals in case one of them breaks down.

6. Playgrounds in Germany look like free amusement parks.

5. In Dusseldorf, ice cream cafés sell warm hats instead of ice cream as it’s not so popular during the winter.

4. In Germany, wedding money comes with unusual decorations like toilet paper, for example.

3. During a wedding in Greece, the groom should eat scrambled eggs mixed with his own tie.

2. In Italy, people slice cheese with special wooden utensils and eat it with their hands during weddings.

1. In Germany, they sell spicy red peppers covered with white chocolate at Christmas markets.

What surprised you most during a trip you’ve taken in the past?

Pavel Vorobev for Bright Side
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