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The 13 most amazing tree houses we’ve ever seen

Tree houses are designed to bring us closer to wildlife. They take us back to the times when people were constantly surrounded by wildlife, hunting for food, and living in harmony with nature. We associate tree houses with childhood, playing games, and scaling giant trees. Looking at them fills us here at Bright Side with sweet sorrow and inspiration. That is why we decided to show you 13 of the most striking tree houses around the world.

Eco-friendly House, Denmark

A Danish architecture student named Konrad Wojcik designed this dwelling to change the appearance of suburbs. The unique tree-like design helps them look like part of the natural landscape. They serve as a natural shelter that provides shade and protection against predators and bad weather for a wide variety of forest animals.

Lake Muskoka Tree House, Canada

This tree house was designed by architect Lukasz Kos, and it is situated near Lake Muskoka, Ontario. A large family can fit comfortably here. Though the house shakes in strong wind, it is very safe; the designer secured the building with durable steel-wire ropes.

A Woodland Condo, Tennessee

This huge building belongs to a commune in the woods of Tennessee, USA. The house is more than 50 years old, and 90% of it is made of wood.

The Seven Dwarfs’ Hut, British Columbia

These three huts are among the highest tree houses in the world. Though they look like the Seven Dwarfs’ dwelling and lack electricity, they are fit for habitation.

A Human Birdhouse, Japan

If you have ever dreamed of living amongst the birds, then this house is ideal for you. This birdhouse-inspired habitat aims for people and birds to live side-by-side. The interior space is divided in two by a glass wall, which allows the inhabitants to watch wild birds using the house as a temporary nest.

A Monument to Happy Memories, Belgium

This house was designed by Benjamin Verdonck for the local design festival in Belgium. It is situated in the backyard of a nursing home in Ghent. It was designed to look like part of the facility and remind the elderly of their childhoods.

The Mirror Cube, Sweden

This cube building, designed by Tham & Videgard Mirror, is one of the most abstract hotels in the world. The mirrors on the exterior walls make it invisible in the woods, allowing guests to be a natural part of the wildlife.

The Spaceship Tree House, Sweden

This house looks like an alien spaceship that had an emergency landing in the forest. In reality, it is one of the most innovative architectural projects of our time. This unusual building is part of the hotel complex that includes the Mirror Cube tree house.

The Human’s Nest Tree House, Sweden

This giant nest is located among the trees of a Swedish forest. The interior is the perfect copy of a bird’s nest, and it is a fully-equipped modern room ideal for having a good time and listening to birdsong.

Restaurant in a Tree, New Zealand

’Yellow Treehouse’ restaurant is situated in Auckland. It can host up to 18 visitors, plus chefs and waiters, and it is undoubtedly one of the most unusual and beautiful restaurants in the world.

HemLoft Tree House, Canada

HemLoft is a wooden tree house where one can rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This unusual eco-friendly dwelling is located in the forest north of Whistler, Canada. It is great for a single person or a couple.

A House in Blossom, Japan

This amazing tree house was designed by Terunobu Fujimori and built in a cherry garden. Come in the spring, take a seat next to the window, and try the best teas while marvelling at the enchanting landscape.

Farmhouse in the Air, California

This building consists of several small houses put together. It is home to Californian farmers and is one of the largest tree houses in the world.

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