The best paid internship opportunities around the world

The best paid internship opportunities around the world

It is possible that everyone who has something to do with art dreams of working for big fashion magazines, getting a job in Hollywood, or working in the world's best art galleries. But, unlike what most people assume, these dreams are perfectly possible.

Today, we at Bright Side have put together a list of the most awesome paid internships offered at the institutions where the world's art treasures are created and stored.

Film internships

  • Paramount Pictures Studio offers an exciting internship program providing every student the opportunity to plunge into the filmmaking world and gain hands-on experience working in the entertainment industry. At Paramount, every intern has an opportunity to communicate with industry professionals, attend film shootings, educational workshops, and a multitude of other events aimed at furthering their entertainment knowledge. Click here for details.
  • Most internship programs require their applicants to have a degree from a film school or university. However, at Chicago Filmmakers Studio you can get a glimpse behind the scenes at the processes of film production even without special knowledge or training. More details can be found here.
  • New York's Public Theater offers paid and unpaid internships for actors, writers, singers, producers, and directors. Visit the project's official website for more details.
  • ProfilCulture is a great internship website that allows you to search for the best film internship programs in France.
  • Internships is a comprehensive internship search engine containing the best film internship opportunities in the USA.
  • Internnzoz offers you customized internship programs in film industry throughout New Zealand. The local visual effects studios are especially popular.

Journalism internships

  • Internship at Harvard. Harvard Kennedy School invites the interns to participate in all kinds of media research projects. A stipend is $30,000 for one semester. Find more information here.
  • Media Internship in Mongolia. This internship program gives you an opportunity to gain valuable experience working for one of the leading local newspapers or for a national TV channel. The internship lasts for one month, and the reported monthly internship salary is about $1,000. Meals and lodging expenses are covered. For more details, visit this website.
  • Journalism experience in India. The major tourism magazine in India offers internship position for individuals willing to gain a valuable journalism experience, working as a journalist and/or photojournalist. It's a one- or two-month internship with the average monthly intern salary of about $1,000. Learn more here.
  • Photojournalism internship in Bangkok. This three-month internship program is available all year round. For the entire period of the internship, students will each receive a fellowship stipend of about $3,500. Follow the link for more details.
  • Photojournalism internship in Argentina. This internship gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of Buenos Aires and gain hands-on experience working for a leading magazine. The minimum duration of an internship is two months and can be up to six months. The average monthly salary of an intern here is $1,000. If you are interested in this offer, visit this page to learn more.
  • looksharp offers a wide range of internship opportunities in New York. Those who are interested in journalism or fashion will find a lot of opportunities here.

Museum internships

  • Musée d'Orsay, Paris. The museum offers a variety of opportunities for students to do an internship in architecture or design. The internship salary depends on the program's duration. Travel and meal expenses are covered by the museum. If you'd like to find out more about this internship, visit this page.
  • Peggy Guggenheim Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, Venice. The museum offers an internship program for international students who study art, art history, or related disciplines. Students are invited to gain first-hand experience of how a museum is run and participate in its daily work. The interns will have to communicate with the visitors and assist the members of the museum. The internship salary is 750 euros per month. Read more here.
  • The Natural History Museum, London. This internship is open to all young candidates who are interested in natural history. Preference is given to students who have no work experience. The internship provides the students with an annual grant of about 16,500 pounds. The details are here.
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. See details about internship opportunities in this museum here.
  • Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain). The museum offers an internship program for university graduates aged up to 35 years old who are interested in the conservation and restoration of works of art. Starting on September 1st each year, the proposed length of the internship is ten months. The successful interns will receive a grant of 15,000 euros. Click here for more details.
  • The Berlin State Museums. These are a group of institutions in Berlin, Germany, comprising 17 museums. If you are interested in art, archaeology, ethnology, or related disciplines, then the internships offered by these museums are just for you. For further details about internship opportunities, follow this link.
  • is a German website offering all kinds of art internship programs.
  • The National Palace Museum, Taiwan. The internship offered by this museum is perfect for students who study art. The program is unpaid. However, the museum covers the expenses for a visa, health insurance, and accommodation. Visit this page to learn more.
  • The NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, Singapore. One of the most visited places in the country invites art critics and culture experts to participate in its internship program. See more information here.
  • The National Gallery of Art, Washington. If you've ever dreamed of working among the masterpieces by Raphael, Titian, and other world famous artists, feel free to apply for this internship. The salary depends on the type of the internship and its duration. In order to apply for the program, you should fill in this online form.
  • The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Being among the top three contemporary art museums in the world, this museum offers a wide range of paid internship programs. In addition, it helps the interns with visa inquiries. The application form is here.
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