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Why you need to visit Finland

Finland is a cold country, but it’s also very hospitable in every sense of the word. Here, cosiness and stability are appreciated above all. The place has a little bit of everything: beautiful landscapes, vast flatlands, clean and fascinating cities, the enchanting Lapland.

Everybody will discover something special in Finland. Those who like comfort will enjoy the Finnish sauna, and those who prefer something a bit more exciting can ski at the numerous resorts. You can spend hours exploring the cute little streets of Helsinki or visit the gorgeous Porvoo. And those who believe in magic should definitely visit Santa Clause’s (Joulupukki) village.

We here at Bright Side recommend visiting this beautiful, picturesque country — it’s the perfect place for everyone who still believes in fairy tales. Once you’ve been there once, you’ll definitely want to come back — we guarantee it!

St. John's Church, Helsinki

Winter in Porvoo

The Northern Lights

Mumintroll village

Guardians of the Arctic

A ski slope

Nuuksio National Park

Kouvola in the summer

 A Finnish forest at sunset

Santa's residence in Rovaniemi

Glass igloos

The perfectly smooth surface of a Finnish lake

The ancient Häme Castle

© Janne Hirvonen

The business center in Espoo

Grazing reindeer

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