8 Brainteasers That Will Blow Your Mind

Few of us care about the agility of our minds while we’re still young. However, this carelessness can lead to serious memory problems in old age.

Bright Side has gathered some exercises that won’t let your brain grow weak and will help you keep a sharp mind at any age.

1. Find the differences.

It’s not about simple pictures from children’s magazines but about more complicated tasks for adults.

We’ve made one of these puzzles for you. Try to find the bear that is different from the others. Note the time to find out how quickly you managed to cope with the task (you’ll find the answer at the end of the article).

2. Try to draw these pictures with both hands simultaneously.

You can see simple images of a vase, a chair, and a female face that are almost or completely symmetrical. You’ll need to recreate them with one condition: use both hands simultaneously.

3. Find an answer to the puzzle.

Various brainteasers also keep our gray matter busy. Logic puzzles, as well as intellectual toys such as a Rubik’s cube, suit that purpose well.

4. You’re going to need some inventiveness to solve this.

Puzzles like this encourage you to think outside the box. They help to keep your brain sharp while making it look for new ways and solutions.

5. Try to locate the blows.

6. Solve the math problem.

7. Look at the picture, and try to remember it.

This exercise is good for your memory and attention skills. Have a good look at the picture, and answer the questions below without scrolling up.

Just say a girl’s number to answer the questions.

  • Which of the girls is wearing a bear mask?
  • Which of the girls is wearing a blue mask?
  • Which of the girls is wearing a pendant?
  • Which of the girls has a belt on her waist?
  • Which of the girls is wearing only one stocking?
  • Which of the girls has a polka-dot dress?
  • Which of the girls has pink hair?
  • Which of the girls is showing both her arms?
  • Which of the girls is showing her ears?
  • Which of the girls has white ribbons?

After you’ve answered all the questions, return to the picture to check your answers.

8. Find an Oscar among the C3POs.

Take note

It is worth noting that training the brain is not enough to stay hale and hearty in old age. Researchers believe that this also requires:

  • Physical activity;
  • A Mediterranean diet;
  • Giving up bad habits;
  • Observing a sleep-wake schedule;
  • Being socially active;
  • Reading;
  • Learning foreign languages;
  • Occasionally breaking your everyday habits.

1. Finding the difference

Bear C has a mirrored bow tie.

3. The matchstick puzzle

Move a stick from the + to make a –. Then place it with the 6 to form an 8. Puzzle solved!

4. The hair riddle

5. The logic riddle

6. The math riddle

8. Find an Oscar

The Oscar figurine is close to the bottom right corner of the picture.

Preview photo credit Mike Rogalski
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