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Choose an Item and Find Out What Is Hidden Deep Inside You

Our unconscious holds a lot of mysteries. It can show us what is bothering us and what our secret desires are. Researchers have proven that our environment actually affects our mental health and emotional state.

Bright Side suggests taking this simple psychological test to determine your emotional state.

Imagine that you are in the basement. There are a lot of different items. Look around. Did something catch your eyes? Maybe you'd like to get rid of something? Choose an item in the picture above and see the results.


Swing symbolizes sensual games and desires. It means that you have some obsession or addiction.


The doll represents your connection to childhood. You don't want to grow up and you try to look younger than you are.

Open paint can

The open paint can stands for your desire to express your emotions and prove your point.

Closed paint can

The closed paint can symbolizes accumulated aggression, anxiety, and insecurity which you are trying to hide from those around you. Your social withdrawal is the reason for your problems with other people.


The bicycle represents your inner balance and desire to explore something new including your environment, new values, and pursuit of change.

Basket of apples

The basket of apples expresses your deep knowledge, wisdom, achievement of personal goals, and happiness.


Nails represent violence toward both yourself and other people. This is a sign of a problematic emotional state and altered state of consciousness.


A helmet is a symbol of courage and warrior spirit. It also symbolizes impulsiveness and the inability to make a decision on something.


Books symbolize your desire for knowledge, although, since they are in the basement it may be a sign that you are lost and trying to find the meaning of life.


A hammer is a symbol of violence and a desire to achieve something by force. This violence can be focused on something from the environment. It can also be a sign of inner conflict.


Masks stand for our emotions, either positive or negative, illustrating our attitude toward others.


The painting indicates mental stability and clarity of mind.


The wheel symbolizes an alliance between the environment and close people. Although, it may be a sign that you run around in circles and don't want to change anything in your life.


Sausages demonstrate a strong connection to your physical health. Usually people with hidden health problems choose this item.


If you chose this item, you are probably aloof and lonely. Grating can be a symbol of anxiety and depression.


The ladder symbolizes your desire to achieve your goals and the effort you put into that. Broken steps are the obstacles that you face while chasing your dreams.


Boxes represent your personality. It's a symbolic container where you can hide something from other people. You know best what you are hiding.


The broom demonstrates your desire to have a more close and intimate relationship with the person you love.

Broken chair

If you chose a broken chair, it means that you are stressed, tired, feel unstable, and need to rest.

Broken mirror

The mirror symbolizes how we see ourselves. But since it's broken, it can be a sign of an internal struggle that tears your soul apart. As a result, you feel bad about yourself.


This item is a symbol of oppression. You are being forced to make a choice and to make an important decision.

Despite your test results, you can always change your emotional state toward a more positive outlook. Try to make your life more colorful, change your routine, or go on vacation. If you feel that you can't do it yourself, get professional help.

Which item did you choose? Do you agree with the test results?

Let us know your opinion in the comments below!

Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova for Bright Side