Choose the Most Repulsive Picture and Reveal What You’ve Been Hiding From Yourself

We all have a "dark side" – qualities we won't admit we have to friends or even to ourselves.

Bright Side suggests you face it and learn what quirks you are hiding. Maybe they're not as bad as you think.

First, choose the picture that makes you wince the most, and then find out what your choice means at the end of the article.









1. You won't admit to yourself that you are envious of other people. But envy is very common. Besides, it can motivate action to move forward!

2. You won't admit to yourself that you are vulnerable and sensitive. People around you have the impression that you are tough, but all you want is somebody to lean on. Let yourself share your feelings with loved ones, and you will see how good it feels.

3. You won't admit to yourself that you can't say no. You would agree to help somebody and then just get angry with yourself. But you shouldn't care what others think of you. The only opinion that matters is your own.

4. You won't admit to yourself that you are afraid of changes. Changes nudge one to get out of their comfort zone, and that makes most people anxious. Decide what you want to change, how you are going to do it, then come up with a plan. The fear will subside, and you will be ready to make the plan come true!

5. You won't admit to yourself that you don't want to take responsibility. It's time to stop blaming others for your problems. This is the very first step to taking control of your life and succeeding.

6. You won't admit to yourself that you are afraid to make mistakes. But always doing everything right is not the point. Strength comes from the ability to get up, learn from an experience, and move on.

7. You are completely honest with yourself and have nothing to hide. You see yourself for who you are, you're not afraid of change, and you're ready to achieve your goals. Good luck!

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