Only a Genius Can Solve These 7 Brainteasers in 30 Seconds

Logic puzzles are good for people of all ages because they give our minds a chance to limber up.

We at Bright Side have prepared a few brainteasers to test your wits and attentiveness. If you find them too hard to crack, check out the answers at the end.

1. Which symbol should replace the question mark?

Answer options are on the yellow background in the lower row.

2. How can you divide this shape into 4 equal parts?

3. Find the wrong dice.

4. How much does the egg cost?

The egg and the chicken combined cost 108 coins. The chicken is 100 coins more expensive than the egg. How much does the egg cost?

5. Find an A among the 4s.

6. Which number should replace the question mark?

Answer options are in the lower row.

7. Find SpongeBob among the Minions.


1. The correct answer would be the first figure. All the given figures represent numbers with their mirror images attached. If you grasp the essence of the puzzle, you’ll have no difficulty calculating the sum of 1 and 3.

2. The task here is actually not so hard. It’s just that the figures are a little nonstandard.

3. There are no dice with 7 dots. Here it is in case you didn’t find it:

4. The egg costs 4 coins, and the chicken 104 coins.

5. Here’s the answer if you didn’t find the letter:

6. The correct answer is 10 since the difference between the adjacent numbers increases by 1 with every next number. The difference between 7 and 5 is 2; between 5 and 8 it’s 3, and so on. Therefore, the difference between 3 and the next number should be 7.

7. SpongeBob SquarePants is in the top right corner, looking up at you.

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