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Test: Find the Drawings With Double Parts in Less Than 5 Seconds

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes to relax our minds and de-stress. That’s why we created this game, in which we hid objects with repeated parts so that you can find them and have fun for a while.


Bright Side challenges you to spot the different pictures in less than 5 seconds. Remember to click on each image to see the correct answer.

1. Find the 3 different pencils.

2. Find the 3 different rockets.

3. Can you see the 3 double-headed nails?

4. Here are 2 double-flowered roses.

5. Discover the 3 paddles with double blades.


6. Find the 3 canes with double handles.

7. We hid 4 golf clubs with double heads.

8. Can you see the 3 double nets?

9. Here we hid 4 lipsticks with double color bars.

10. Find the 2 double pans.


11. Discover the 4 bottles with double dispensers.

12. Can you spot the 4 chili peppers with double stems?

13. Try to spot the 2 double brush brooms.

14. Find the 3 brushes with double bristles.

15. Find the 2 gingerbread cookies with double heads.

How quickly did you manage to solve the puzzles? Tag your best friend and challenge them to do it in less time.

Preview photo credit ylivdesign / Depositphotos