Test: We Bet We Know How Old You Feel

Are you still in school but feel like you are much older than your peers? Have you just celebrated your birthday (not the first one) but you feel like you're still 20? It's very common that our biological age differs from our emotional one.

Bright Side created a test that will show you that your passport is probably lying to you. Don't be afraid of big or small numbers – they just show your perception of the world, not your IQ.

How to pass the test: Count up the numbers shown in the 4 options, and find the sum in the results.

10. Choose the group of colors that appeals to you the most.

9. Which meal would you like to eat right now?

8. What do you dream of?

7. What is your favorite movie genre?

6. Which new skill would you like to learn?

5. Which is the most unpleasant situation for you?

4. How do you celebrate your birthday?

3. Think about your future. What do you feel?

2. Which is the ideal place for a vacation?

1. What do you see first in this picture?

  1. A goblet.
  2. A woman standing at the door.
  3. Two men singing.
  4. Old couple’s faces in profile.
  • 10-19 points: 9 years old. You're a child at heart. You're energetic, interested in everything, and open-hearted. You react emotionally to every event in your life, and you need people to share it all with.
  • 20-29 points: 15-19 years old. A teenage soul seeking new emotions. You want to riot, conquer the world, and explore yourself and the people around you. This is the period when you want to find your place in the world.
  • 30-33 points: 20-29 years old. It's a great age when your personality is formed. You always know what to do, but you also perfectly remember how to have fun.
  • 34-37 points: 29-55 years old. Your mind level is middle-aged. You know that each action has its consequences, and you don't allow your emotions to rule your mind. It's a great age for intellectual activity and self-realization.
  • 38-40 points: 55 and older. The age of stability when you prove nothing to anyone and know how to live for yourself. You wear no mask and always stay yourself. Such a philosophical attitude keeps you away from unwanted thoughts and complexes.
Illustrated by Nikolay Gusev for Bright Side
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