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The 8 Easiest Riddles You Won’t Be Able to Solve

The deductive method can come in useful not only to detectives. It helps us make the right decisions and develop observation skills and systematic thinking.

Bright Side has a few engrossing detective riddles for you to crack. If you find yourselves at a loss, have a quick peek at the answers at the end of the article.

1. Prison break

Three prisoners intend to escape from their cell. To get out, they climbed onto each other’s shoulders, but the one on the top is still a few inches short of the window. What should they do to escape?

2. Gunshots

Which bullet hole was made first?

3. Where’s the robber?

One of the neighbors committed a robbery half an hour ago, but they all insist they were home at the time. Which of them is lying?

4. Café theft

10 minutes ago, someone stole money from the café. Everyone claims they weren’t at the café in the last 10 minutes, but it is known that the thief is one of the four. Who is lying?

5. About to go off

When is the bomb going to detonate?

6. Who’s the odd one out?

Find a criminal who hides among the guests of a costume party.

7. Escape game

Figure out a way to escape this prison. The window is too high up, but the floor is made from soil. Without water or food, you’ll survive for about 2 days, and that’s not enough to dig a tunnel under the wall. How would you escape?

8. The attic riddle

2 little boys, Mike and John, played in the attic. It was dark and dirty there. When they came down, John’s face was all covered in dust, and Mike’s face was clean. However, only Mike went to wash. Why?


1. The tallest prisoner should climb on top of the others. He has the longest arms and will be able to reach the window.

2. The second one, since the cracks from holes 1 and 3 stop at the cracks from hole 2.

3. The one who lives in the house on the left. The ground under the purple and green cars is dry, while there is a puddle under the red car. This means that its owner has just arrived home.

4. The man with the ice cream is the thief. If he had bought it more than 10 minutes ago, it would have already melted.

5. Never: the wires going from the bomb are not connected to the timer.

6. The criminal is the man on the right. He is the only one who didn’t prepare for the party and put on whatever he could find.

7. One way you might immediately think of is to grab the shovel and build up a pile of soil under the window. Climbing up it would be the fastest and most efficient way to escape.

8. It’s called the mirror effect: Mike looked at John’s face and figured that he was dirty too, whereas John looked at Mike’s face and thought that he was also clean.

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