The First Thing You See in These 4 Pictures Will Reveal the Whole Truth About You

Psychology tests are often based on interpreting the first thing you see depicted in a picture.

Bright Side offers you such a test. It's not to be taken too seriously, but it can reveal something interesting.


  • If you saw a young woman, then the chances are you're optimistic and a little impulsive. You could say you're a happy person.
  • If you saw an old woman, then you have a great deal of life experience. You're inclined to critical thinking and look at life's problems from all angles.


  • A skull. You're a realist and a cynic. You understand that all good things in life are fleeting.
  • A woman. You have an innate naivety. You often fail to notice threats or problems.


  • A duck. The right hemisphere of your brain dominates over the left one, meaning that you're a humane person.
  • A rabbit. The left hemisphere of your brain is dominant. You're more technically minded than you are caring.
  • If you were able to see a duck and a rabbit simultaneously, then you probably have a creative personality. You have a powerful imagination and can read between the lines.


  • Did it seem that the cat was climbing the steps? You don't pay attention to detail. You're probably a disorganized or a naive person. You believe what you see, and this makes you love life and liberates you from cynicism and worry.
  • Did it look like the cat was descending the steps? You're either a very attentive individual or you have great intuition. You pay a lot of attention to detail and carefully examine important questions without relying on luck to help you solve them.
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