This Draw-a-Person-in-the-Rain Test Will Reveal Your True Self

Psychologists believe that it’s possible to evaluate different areas of your subconscious, such as fears, dreams, and main personality traits in general. Projective personality tests, in particular, analyze how a person responds to particular situations through a drawing.

Bright Side invites you to find out what your drawing says about you. You’ll have to draw a person in the rain. The test will reveal your attitude toward tolerance, pressure and frustration, your defense mechanisms, and level of anxiety.

During the test, you’ll have to draw a person in the rain and come up with their story. The main objective is to obtain information about your personality through the image of the individual under certain unpleasant circumstances.

What’s going to be analyzed in your drawing:

  • The orientation of the drawing:
  1. On the right. If the person on your sheet of paper is located on the right, it indicates your desire to grow professionally and your confidence in what will happen in the future.
  2. On the left. If the person is located on the left part of the paper, it shows your pessimistic attitude and also that something from your past prevents you from being happy in the future.
  3. In the center. If your person occupies a central position, it means you’re quite competitive.
  • Umbrella:
  1. No umbrella indicates that you have no protective mechanisms and resources to cope with difficult life situations.
  2. A large umbrella that covers the person almost completely means that you’re very defensive, the type of person who always needs protection and prefers isolation.
  3. The handle of an umbrella: you always need support and some action plan prepared even if you know you won’t need it.
  • Human figure:
  1. Front view: the ability to confront difficult situations.
  2. Profile view: the desire to avoid ambiguous situations.
  3. Back view: the need to go unnoticed.
  • The size of the drawing:
  1. Small: modesty, insecurity, feeling of inferiority, low self-esteem.
  2. Big: the need to be recognized, prone to vanity.
  • How you drew the picture: the most common way is to start with the person’s head and finish with raindrops. However...
  1. If you started with the feet, it shows that you tend to choose the wrong way to solve your problems.
  2. If you started with the umbrella, it can be a sign of excessive defensiveness.
  • Does the person move in your drawing?
  1. If the person is staying still, it shows that you want to protect yourself from the surrounding world and that you have some problems with adaptation.
  2. If the person is walking, it means that you know where you’re heading with your life.

Since each drawing is unique and the interpretations vary for each person, the test is usually administered and interpreted by a professional.

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