A Self-Taught Seamstress Alters Thrifted Clothes in a Modern Way

2 years ago

Fashion is a constantly evolving industry. Every week, a new trend emerges and we get rid of 90% of our clothes before they’re actually unwearable. But as trends evolve, the upcycle arises, in which we seek to give a second chance and a long life to the clothes that we already have in our closets. Contrary to popular belief, secondhand clothing shouldn’t be boring, and Cait, a talented seamstress, teaches us how to create unique looks with the clothes we already own.

We at Bright Side pulled our old clothes out of the closet to be inspired by Cait’s original creations, perfect for those days when we feel like we have nothing new to wear.

From thrift stores to her own personal designs

It was not long ago when Caitlin Trantham, a mother of 3 kids and wife to a marine, found out about her incredible talent and passion. She taught herself how to sew, and what began as a distraction making blankets turned out to be her favorite hobby, transforming thrifted clothes into original designs.

Her vibrant personality is reflected in every piece she creates. A combination between vintage fashion and lots of creativity makes it her own signature style. And the result is always a piece of clothing that is sometimes hard to believe is the same when you look at the before and after pics.

Thrift shopping is always an interesting experience, and for Cait, who has always been a thrifter, it’s all about finding unique pieces with special design features that can’t be found at a good price point in fast-fashion brands.

She gives clothes a second chance in a very original way.

It could be a wedding dress that has been on the rack for weeks, a fun printed skirt, or a buttoned vintage top with embroidery details. Cait looks for different styles, fabrics, and materials that can be changed in order to let her creativity flow.

Fashion has no budget.

Budget is something Cait always has in mind when choosing clothes to buy from local thrift stores. She usually spends no more than $10 per piece and tries to get the most out of each, reusing every detail.

The same dress can be completely transformed to generate different looks. Depending on the design, it takes Cait anywhere between 2 hours and 2 days to finish making a garment. But when it comes to large, detailed designs, she can take almost a month. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Her TikTok is an inspiration for those days when we don’t know what to wear.

As soon as she started sharing her transformation process videos on TikTok, she captured the attention of thousands. With each dress, she reminds us that the most important thing is always to highlight your personality.

Cait seeks to inspire her followers to reuse what they already have, gradually reversing the effects that the fast fashion industry has left on the environment.

There is a thrift dress remake made with love for anyone.

If you still need a bigger dose of inspiration to start your own upcycle project, we collected a series of before and after pictures to get you totally in the mood. Whether you’re looking for a specific look or are just a fashion lover like us, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these designs.

Wedding dress

Princess inspired

From a day at the park to date night

Prom inspired

’60s vibes

A project with a cause

Giving your clothes a second chance is a great step toward changing the consumption mindset. For Cait, upcycling is her personal project, and she teaches us how we can explore different ways to revive our old clothes. It can be a dress that we buy, thinking of using it only once, but there is always the possibility of repeating it and making it look brand new.

Do you have any projects with a green cause that you’d like to share with the community? Tell us more about your unique project in the comments below!

Preview photo credit caitconquers/Instagram


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