16 Photos That Prove the Subway Is a Portal to a Fantasy World

2 years ago

The sky is the limit when it comes to surreal and astonishing sights on the metro. You might step in on a perfectly ordinary day and be greeted by the presence of a superhero, a mini car, or even a meat grocery store inside. We have to thank the metro for adding an exciting zest to our lives. After all, when people from all walks of life gather up in one space, chances are that something truly extraordinary is bound to happen.

At Bright Side, we love out-of-the-box situations that make us travel to a parallel world. Therefore we’ve gathered an astonishing collection of subway encounters that will add a smile to your face.

1. The train was full but he was too tired to move.

2. He just whipped out his desk and started a meeting.

3. In a futuristic sci-fi movie.

4. The subway is for everybody after all.

5. Transport within a transport.

6. Cleaning day.

7. Just casually blending in.

8. Just in case you get a sudden fishing urge.

9. This surely must be one quiet metro.

10. This guy sat like this for most of the trip.

11. ’’This picture that has been posted on the windows of subway doors in China.’’

12. ’’Normal morning until I took the subway.’’

13. I saw this guy selling plants on my subway ride home. He kept saying things like ’’I just sell tropical plants."

14. When you see Spider-Man Noir casually on the metro.

15. The perfect place to discover people with inspiring hairstyles.

16. Or with no head at all.

Do you regularly take the subway? Have you ever had a surreal experience there that left you positively confused?

Preview photo credit NichtScar/Reddit


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