20 Once-in-a-Lifetime Coincidences the Universe Pulled Off Just to Keep You Guessing

2 years ago

Sometimes, the matrix glitches, and we get to see reality slip a little. A celeb look-alike from a distant past, real animals matching random images, or 2 strangers with a matching color palette. It’s always better to capture these moments and save them on a hard drive, in case you never get to see the same thing again.

Bright Side always loves to see when the stars align, so we brought you our own little encyclopedia of surprises that people have encountered.

1. A Hugh Jackman doppelgänger in a photo from 1906, taken in Kassel, Germany (far left)

2. “A customer came in today with a tattoo of our turtles, Sam & Ella!”

3. “Bubbles formed in the shape of a skull in my skull-themed pint glass.”

4. “I was trying to take a picture of the guy in the costume and a person wearing the opposite colors walked into the frame.”

5. “A few sharks teeth I found while diving in a river”

6. “On our walk today, we met 2 dogs that are identical to ours.”

7. “Took a picture of some rainbow buildings while in a taxi, didn’t notice the perfectly timed rainbow bus driving next to us until after!”

8. “These 2 old Dodge Caravans swapped doors.”

9. “She’s excited because she matches her new blankie.”

10. “Saw a knight in the park the other day.”

11. “Rainbow vine on a wall”

12. “Just noticed that the wall painting in my room lines up with an outside tree branch from a certain angle.”

13. “This heart-shaped stone I found on the beach”

14. “The shoes’ colors match the display shelf.”

15. “My cat’s paws make a heart when she puts them together.”

16. “My Oreo filling looks like the Pepsi logo.”

17. “My chicken matches my book cover.”

18. “This tomato I cut had a peace sign in it.”

19. “My dog matches the dog on this box.”

20. “Pokémon Go’s sun is in the exact position as the real sun.”

What photos of “lucky finds” do you have saved on your phone (or in your memory)? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit plsbabylemonade / reddit


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the skull in the glass literally the same shape as those pics


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