14 Men That Will Never Let You Get Bored

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3 years ago

Male logic is very different from female logic, and this difference can spice up your life together. What would you think about leaving food in a working oven for a few days or using baking molds to make aspic?

At Bright Side, we’re sure that the heroes of today’s article know how to look at life through the prism of self-irony.

1. “My boyfriend left bacon cooking while he was away on vacation for 3 days.”

2. “My stepfather used my baking molds to make...aspic!”

3. “The way my brother marks his books”

4. “I told my husband I just wanted some earrings for Christmas. He delivered.”

5. “Each time I cook, my husband hides behind the refrigerator door in fear of spurting hot oil.”

6. “An hour-long drive to see bald eagles and this is the only photo my husband took of them.”

7. “My husband never finishes a pack of gum before opening a new one.”

8. “Instead of cleaning up the sugar he spilled, my boyfriend decided this was perfectly reasonable instead.”

9. “My boyfriend opens a new soap every week for some reason.”

10. “My boyfriend left a sharpie in his jeans pocket the one time I didn’t check them.”

11. “Guess where my dad leaves his laptop.”

12. “My boyfriend just got out of the shower and I heard a loud bang in the bathroom. He claimed he didn’t touch the sink, but even if he did, how could this have happened anyway?”

13. “The way my husband loads dishes in the dishwasher”

14. “My dad, who is infamous for missing the little details when shopping, bought toilet paper this week.”

Do your partners have any irritating yet funny habits? Tell us in the comments below.

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that bog roll last reminds me off the tracing paper bog rolls my grand parents had haha


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