20 People Who Lost Some Weight and Possibly Opened a New Chapter in Their Lives

3 years ago

Some people may have a harder time reaching an ideal weight than others. Changing your habits, creating a workout routine, and giving up your old lifestyle can be a challenge that not everyone is willing to assume. However, some internet users have shown us that this effort brings a lot of satisfaction.

Bright Side has gathered some pictures that tell the stories of success by people who know how to reach their goals.

1. “Was getting impatient with ’only’ 30 lbs lost, but finding this old pic helps put things in perspective!”

2. “3 years of Christmas season face gains”

3. “Do you ever just feel inspired by your own progress? I can’t believe I’ve really lost 70 pounds! I’m so proud!”

4. “After a weekend of mountain biking, the hobby that truly inspired and revived my fitness, I finally reached my goal weight after 7 months!”

5. “December 2018 to now. I have gained a whole new life”

6. “From last Christmas to today. I’ve made lots of changes since then, and was gifted with a whole new face.”

7. “The more I listen to my body (not just hunger), the more it seems to share. Working together and understanding each other has made this journey a wonderful experience. No goal, just living.”

8. “7 weeks progress. I put on the same clothes from the first photos I took in October and realized that the scale really only tells a portion of the story. Finally accepting that I’ve started somewhere and have everywhere to keep going.”

9. “Super proud of the progress I’ve made since May.”

10. “I got stuck in a plateau for the last 2 weeks, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come.”

11. “After 11 months of hard work, I have finally hit my goal. Thank you to everyone who motivated me to keep going!”

12. “May 2017 vs Today. Met some friends who had last met me when I looked like the left pic. They were flummoxed in the nicest way and showered me with compliments. Maybe it’s a bit shallow, but I’m not going to lie, it felt good.”

13. “From 350 to 155 lbs in a year”

14. “7 months change”

15. “November 2019 vs December 2020. I’ve had a complete lifestyle change this year!”

16. “2 years on. Now to try and not gain it back over the holidays. Really proud so far.”

17. “One year of progress and only 40 lbs. until I reach my goal weight!”

18. “2019 vs 2020. Merry Christmas!”

19. “November 2019 to now. I managed to lose all this weight in about 7 months. I can’t believe the results and I’m enjoying this new lifestyle!”

20. “Finally becoming at peace with who I am, and I am so much happier for it.”

Have you ever gone through a transformation like one of these brave users? Out of all of your achievements, which one makes you feel the proudest?

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I can only feel a deep respect to these people, it takes enormous will power to do something like this!


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