20+ Girls Who Decided to Get Plastic Surgery and Proved There Are No Limits When It Comes to Perfection

11 months ago

Few people know that the first plastic surgery was done in 800 B.C. At that time, smart Indian surgeons conducted the first so-called rhinoplasty — a surgical intervention that was destined to become of the most popular types of plastic surgeries in the world. Today’s medicine is ready to offer people not only new noses, lips, breasts, and eye shapes, but also eternal youth.

We at Bright Side decided to find the examples of happy women who once dared to make their long-cherished dream come true and improved their appearance. Our small compilation of these transformations showed that the phrase “perfection knows no limits” has become a true life motto for some.

Face, brow, and eyes before and now

11 months post op

“Marwa had a crooked nose, hanging columella, and she had no dorsal support or lining.”

“We took all the septal cartilage out, formed a new nasal bridge, supported nasal dorsum, shaped the nasal tip, added tip support, and corrected columellar show.”

One month post-op rhinoplasty and chin liposuction

One month post double jaw surgery

“4 years post-op. The basic point is she still looks very natural after all these changes.”

“20 days post-op bilateral temporomandibular joint replacement and upper jaw surgery”

“My rhinoplasty, before & almost 2 months after”

“Chemotherapy messed up my facial fat distribution. Finally got it fixed! One month after chin liposuction”

Rhinoplasty pre and post

“Before and after laser micro peel, forehead lifting, and kiss lip fillers.”

Before vs almost 4 months post-septorhinoplasty

“I found some old pictures while browsing old pics. Maybe I’m crazy, but I really think something is different! Important: after pic is with lip fillers.”

“Some changes are big but some are legendary. This is surely in the legendary group.”

“My lip filler is still there after 2 years.”

Whoever did this is an incredible professional.

“The before and after of my jaw surgery.”

“My upper jaw was moved 3 mm forward and it pushed my lip out more which I am so grateful for!”

“Jaw surgery ain’t easy but it’s worth it.”

These are the postoperative 3 year-results of rhinoplasty combined with midface fat injection.

Would you dare to get plastic surgery? What would you like to change about your appearance?

Preview photo credit ismailkucuker_ / Instagram


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Looking thru these before and afters and not seeing significant changes in a great many of them reminds me of a friend I used to work with. When I got a partial face lift she mentioned she wanted to get plastic surgery someday as well. FORTUNATELY, I asked what she would have done as she had a large, bulbuous W.C.Fields nose which seemed to me to be the logical choice. But she had a few vertical lines on her forehead between her eyes that she wanted filled in.


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