A Bride Refused to Change the Time of Her Wedding to Accommodate Her Sister and Thinks She’s Totally Right

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9 months ago

When two people stand their ground and defend their personal boundaries, a conflict is inevitable. The heroine of today’s article also refused to compromise with her stubborn sister and be manipulated. And she had a good reason — her own wedding.

The couple set their wedding for the fall.

I am getting married to my fiancé in October this year. We got engaged in January and couldn’t be more excited. It’s a very small wedding, and we’re only inviting close family and friends.

The problem is with my sister Lisa. Lisa has a 2-year-old son with her husband. I don’t have a super affectionate relationship with Lisa for multiple reasons that I can’t fit into this post.

We sent out the wedding invites last month. Our wedding ceremony starts at 1:30 p.m. and we asked our guests to please arrive at the venue by 1:00. The venue is in our hometown so is close by to the majority of the people in our guest list, including Lisa.

Lisa told me that the time “wouldn’t work” because of her 2-year-old’s nap schedule. She said he takes a nap at 12 and that she’s not forcing him to be awake, so she can get him ready for the event, or he will be a terror. I don’t have kids, but I thought this was a silly reason?

I asked Lisa if she could find a babysitter, and she said she can’t because everyone she trusts will be at the wedding. I suggested that they at least attend the reception, but she said she won’t if she can’t be at the wedding.

She told me she won’t attend the wedding unless we change the time. I told her we can’t do that. Lisa said she’s not going then. I was quite hurt by this. I wasn’t sure how to react in the moment, so I just abruptly ended the conversation with an excuse.

A few days later, Lisa asked me if I thought about her suggestion. I reminded her there’s no way we can change the time. She told me she hopes I’m happy that they aren’t attending and said that everyone is going to ask why she’s not there, and it’s all because I can’t accommodate my nephew. I snapped at her and told her the world doesn’t revolve around her and her son. She called me a bridezilla and has blocked me.

My mom is pestering me to make amends with Lisa, but I just don’t think I’m in the wrong.

Internet users sided with the bride.

  • I get why you don’t have a good relationship with Lisa, the entitlement is through the roof. © BonjourCheriex / Reddit
  • Why doesn’t sister’s husband stay home with the child, sister comes to the wedding and maybe her family joins her for the reception? © drwhogirl_97 / Reddit
  • I rather think that Lisa enjoys the kind of attention it brings to her how “her sister, her own flesh and blood, purposely excludes her from her wedding by not respecting her toddler’s nap.” Some people love to complain and play the victim. © AH_Raccoon / Reddit
  • I don’t think it’s wrong for her to bow out of the wedding if it doesn’t work for her routine, but she was entitled to expect her sister to change the time. © Altruistic_List_7984 / Reddit

Who is right here, who is to blame? It seems to us that the wedding in the first place is the day of the newlyweds, and they have the right to do as they please. But they don’t want to hurt their families either.

True, our heroine is definitely not the only one: we have a whole selection of stories that the wedding never goes smoothly and flawlessly. But it’s definitely fun.

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Seriously tho, the woman is right . Why should one change the timing of an occasion that decides the fate of one's entire life for a baby's sleep ? Ridiculous!


Alternative title: Entitled B*tch thinks she can alter the timing of sister's wedding for her child's nap


You are not wrong kids get naps everyday but weddings don't get planned for fun it takes so much hardwork and commitment. Lisa is so immature and self absorbed stand your ground coz like you say the world does not revolve around her!


After the 2nd time she confronted me about changing the time I think
I might have resorted to telling her to F**k herself. We'll be happy without you.


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