I Don’t Want to Host My Husband’s Family on the Weekend, Now He’s Mad at Me

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6 months ago

Navigating family dynamics, especially when planning events, can sometimes lead to challenging situations. Samantha, one of our readers, is currently facing a tough time with her husband, Tony, and his family. The situation arose when they had to cancel a gathering at their home. Now, Tony is insisting on a particular kind of apology from Samantha.

Samantha found herself in a tough spot.

Instead of canceling it I would have just delegated all the responsibility on him. I would say I have a full-time job and a newborn if you want to do it by all means, have at it honey


Dear Samantha, thank you for getting in touch with us, and we truly appreciate your honesty. We’ve prepared some helpful tips that we hope will be beneficial to you.

Discuss the childcare responsibilities with Tony.

Given your full-time job and the arrival of a newborn, it’s essential to have an open discussion with Tony about childcare responsibilities. Assign specific tasks and encourage his active involvement in caring for the baby. This shared experience will help him better understand the challenges you’re facing and strengthen the sense of shared responsibility in parenting.

Make self-care a priority.

It’s important to look after yourself during these tough times. Set aside moments for self-care, whether taking short breaks, resting, or seeking support from friends and family not involved in this situation. Remember, taking care of yourself is vital, especially now, and it can help you handle the difficulties within your family.

Try to find a compromise.

Try to find a compromise that suits both you and your husband. Maybe propose a smaller gathering at a different time. This could help you manage work and adjust to being a new mom more easily. Explain how compromising is crucial for a healthy relationship. Stress that finding solutions that benefit both of you is essential for your family’s happiness and harmony.

Apologize to his family.

It’s possible that they aren’t aware of the challenges you’re facing after Tony suggested hosting the event at your place. Don’t hesitate to express your feelings and explain that juggling a job, a baby, cleaning, cooking, and hosting guests feels overwhelming. Consider talking to your sister-in-law as well, as she may not be aware of your situation either. Communication could help them understand your perspective better.

Establish your boundaries.

Be clear and communicate your boundaries to Tony and his family. Use “I” statements to express your feelings without blaming anyone. For instance, say, “I feel overwhelmed with the extra responsibility of hosting, considering my workload and our new family dynamics.” This way, you’re expressing your emotions without accusing anyone.

Managing relationships within families can be complex. Another woman shared how her mother-in-law told her she was not considered a part of the family, creating a conflict. Find her story and advice on navigating this situation here.

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