Helen Hunt, 60, Leaves the Internet Stunned in Recent Appearance and Everybody’s Talking About Her Lips

2 months ago

For a long time, people have admired Helen Hunt for how she’s aging gracefully. Now that she’s 60, she looked amazing when she went to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party with her boyfriend. When the pictures went up online, fans couldn’t stop talking about how glamorous she looked, especially focusing on one particular thing about her appearance.


At the fancy event with her boyfriend Jeffrey Nordling, Helen Hunt rocked a gorgeous peach-patterned dress made by Christian Siriano. It had a halter neckline that stood out. She completed her look with classy gold stilettos.

When she posted the pictures from the evening on Instagram, her fans quickly flooded in with compliments. One person commented, «You look gorgeous and so natural.» while another said, "Your look is perfect.’’

© UPI / Alamy Stock Photo, Richard Shotwell/Invision/East News

Online, people also pointed out how Helen has been aging gracefully. Someone mentioned, «Great actress as well as natural, like Jodie Foster. Both great role models.»

Mainly, her signature thin lips were the center of attention as someone acknowledged, «She does have thin lips. But in my opinion, she looks much better than those who have augmented their lips [...]»

We all can see how Helen Hunt’s beauty shines on the red carpet. Likewise, here are 15 Hollywood stars who have shown that being comfortable in your own skin is the best form of beauty.

Preview photo credit Richard Shotwell/Invision/East News, helenhunt / Instagram


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