HELP: My Mom Spoiled Our $9,000 Gender Reveal Party, Now My Wife Is Furious

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3 months ago

A guy named Wesley thinks his mom messed up his wife’s $9,000 gender reveal party by pulling the fire alarm just before they could announce the baby’s gender. He shared the story on TikTok with @candacenysm, giving all the details to his followers.

They waited for this moment for so long.

The TikToker starts his video by saying his wife is really mad at his mom for «spoiling» their $9,000 gender reveal party. He explains why this reveal was so important: when they had their first child, he couldn’t afford big celebrations. But now, with their second baby coming, they wanted a fancy party. He praises his wife and says she’s the best mom, and he is going to pay for the whole party.

Wesley mentions that since Candace’s family lives far away and can’t attend the gender reveal, they wanted to include them in the planning. Candace and her sisters were already handling everything.

When Wesley’s mom offered to help plan, Candace politely declined, thanking her but saying they had it covered. Wesley noticed his mom started to take offense after that. She kept asking about her role in planning, even asking if she’d be paid for helping out

«Why would you need to get paid to help?» Candace asked Wesley’s mother. In response, his mother angrily retorted, «I’m not your ... maid.» Wesley explains that he wasn’t aware of this text exchange initially. He mentions he was in another room when Candace was messaging his mother and was alarmed when he saw her entering the room in tears.

«There is a grand total of zero people that are ever going to cuss out my wife,» Wesley asserts to the camera. He emphasizes that nobody in the world has the right to disrespect his significant other. Wesley informed her that she was no longer welcome at the gender reveal party and had no authority to speak to his wife in such a manner.

After the call, Wesley chose to temporarily block his mother until after the gender reveal.

He decided it was best to keep his mother from coming to the celebration. However, she called several times, apologizing for her actions and asking to attend the party. Each time, Wesley kindly reminded her that she had crossed a line and couldn’t come. Even on the day of the party, she called, expressing regret and wanting to join. But Wesley stuck to his decision, telling her she couldn’t come. Eventually, she reluctantly said, «Okay, I have no choice then,» which worried him.

Guests were having a good time, eating snacks, and watching the kids play in the bouncy house. When it was almost time for the gender reveal, Wesley’s wife, showing her forgiving side, proposed inviting his mother to join. Wesley texted his mom, who said she’d come but didn’t arrive on time. Just as the countdown started, a fire alarm went off, leading to chaos as everyone left the building. Wesley saw his mother outside, looking calm and alone.

Her expression heightened suspicions that she might have been involved. His wife, noticing his mother’s behavior, suspected her and encouraged Wesley to talk to her. Despite his mother’s denial, Wesley noticed her wet pants, indicating she had been inside when the sprinklers activated.

After these incidents, Wesley’s wife suggested ending ties with his mother permanently. Considering the evidence, Wesley believed his mother could have triggered the alarm, a sentiment echoed by many TikTokers who heard his story. However, some also criticized the lavish spending on the party.


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Wants to help but then wants paying because she's not their maid? Sorry, but you need to get her to a doctor, there is something odd going on there.
She most definitely activated the fire alarm.
Why are people commenting on how much they spent? Is that relevant to the story? It's nobody's business but theirs.


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