20 Moms Who Still Found Time to Prank Their Partners During Labor

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2 years ago

As any mother will testify, giving birth can be an experience where you can expect anything but calm. However, on some occasions, laughter can also be the reason why this moment becomes memorable.

At Bright Side, we compiled anecdotes from people who knew how to bring humor into one of the most tense and profound situations in life.

  • My husband was holding a tiny USB-powered fan next to my face for 3 hours, and it was the only thing keeping me from throwing up. I looked at him, sobbing, and said, “If that thing dies, I’m going to die,” and he dramatically whipped out a USB charger and said, “I won’t let that happen!” We’re still laughing hysterically about it in hindsight. © Darkovika / Reddit
  • My baby was born in early November and when the nurse was telling me what to do so they could place the epidural, she said to “round your back like a Halloween cat.” So to remind myself to keep my back rounded during a contraction, I moaned “haaalloweeeeen caaaaat” in a deep voice. The nurse and my husband thought it was hilarious at the time, but I was just trying to get through the dang contraction. © lindsom / Reddit
  • We get back to the room after the C-section, the nurse asked me if I was feeling any pain. In my drugged and exhausted mind I thought she meant had I EVER in my life felt pain and I said, “Yes, about 5 years ago when I tore my ACL skiing.” My husband stared at me for what seemed like forever and slowly said, “Ummm, no babe. Pain right now. From the childbirth.” © hallucinatori / Reddit
  • My husband grew up with pigs, so he’s done a lot of pig births, and he barely made it for the birth because it happened so quickly — and just got there for the pushing. My midwife told him to stay by my head if he was squeamish, and he said, “Oh no, I’m fine, I’ve watched a lot of mama pigs give birth.” I’m pretty sure time froze for everyone in the room. I laughed because I just knew he would say something like that. Everyone seemed a lot less concerned for his life once I laughed. © funparent / Reddit
  • This is my wife’s, but after she just had her C-section, and I was holding our son, she looked at me and said, “Do you like it? I made it for you.” © climberpiper / Reddit
  • Middle of my C-section, and I’d asked for the radio to be on. Living On a Prayer comes on, and I yelled, “Altogether now, I want everybody joining in!” What’s even better is that they all did! © MrsD12345 / Reddit
  • As a supportive husband, I tried to encourage my wife and be sweet during her C-section (twin girls). So they finally get me in the room, and I sit down by my wife and tell her how proud I am of her and how great she’s doing, and she deadpans, “Thanks, I’m just laying here.” It completely caught me off guard and will always be one of my favorite memories!! © Regular-Adventure / Reddit
  • I could hear my husband’s phone vibrating constantly on the table, so I angrily asked him if that was important. He was really confused and said yes, assuming I meant the labor, so I told him to go ahead and answer. So he said yes to me again. It was only when my midwife asked, really confused, what I was talking about that they told me there was no phone there. I responded with, “I think I’m not feeling too well” and she had me stop the gas and air for a while after that. © orangelego / Reddit
  • A few weeks before I gave birth we had a meeting with our midwife where she talked us through what would happen, and how the birth progresses. She told us that at some point during the birth most women will think or say, “I can’t do this/I don’t wanna do this anymore,” and that usually means the baby is “right around the corner” so to speak. My husband took this to heart.
    So, 30 hours after my water broke, and after 13 hours of labor I yell, “Aaah, I don’t want to do this anymore, I can’t do it!” ... and my husband blurts out, “What? Oh!! That means he’s coming out now! Oh my God, already??” “What do you mean ’already?’ It’s been 30 hours!!” © i_am_lord_voldetort / Reddit
  • While prepping me for my C-section, the doc said, “We may have to cut into this peace sign tattoo on your lower hip.” I said, “Oh my god, go ahead, I haven’t seen that thing in years! ” (Much fatter than I was at 18 when I got the dang thing). © hallucinatori / Reddit
  • I had bad contractions in my back, and the only thing that even slightly worked with the pain was the shower. Luckily, I could do that in the hospital, until I was ready to start pushing (I did the first few in the shower). I got out, and 2 ladies were waiting for me with big fluffy towels, and they started to pat me dry, so I started joking about being a princess with handmaidens. © Wouser86 / Reddit
  • My husband didn’t take care of himself and ended up passing out during my epidural. And I was sitting there, after 20+ hours in labor, a giant needle sticking out of my back, and I found myself saying across the room (as the nurses attended to him) “It’s ok baby! You got this. Breathe through it.” Who run the world? Girls. © swansandelephants / Reddit
  • They were sewing me up after the C-section, and I was in that awkward state of being super happy and weirded out. I said, “Just pop a zipper on there, it’ll be a safe place to keep my passport when I’m traveling.” © elle5624 / Reddit
  • In between pushes, my husband knelt in front of me and told me I was doing a great job and was so strong. I opened my eyes and said, “Yeah. Your body could never.” © happyrainyday / Reddit
  • This happened following a 55-hour labor that ended in an emergency C-section and a 9 lb, 15 oz baby boy. My wife was obviously beyond exhausted (I was also pretty tired, but not in the same galaxy as what she went through). Our kid had to spend a day in the NICU, and when they finally brought him to us, it was the middle of the night, and she could barely stay awake.
    As I held our huge son for the first time in that dark hospital room, I heard my wife say, “I should let you know, I had an affair...”
    And then nothing. My mind raced trying to comprehend what she just said. Why she had waited until now. Was this child even mine?
    About 15 seconds of dark silence passed, and I heard, “... with a giant.”
    She had fallen asleep halfway through her joke. Which, I believe, made it that much funnier. © CouldStopDidStop / Reddit
  • My partner very kindly told me ’she’s coming out’ as I pushed our daughter’s head out. It’s the only time I snapped at him through 18hrs of labor and yelled, “I KNOW SHE IS.” © jayclay88 / Reddit

What was the most fun you had giving birth? Tell us your story in the comments.

Preview photo credit CouldStopDidStop / Reddit


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