My Boyfriend Was Hiding All My Stuff, and Just Now I Learned About His Creepy Intentions

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A woman, 32, wrote a letter to our editorial to tell her absolutely mind-boggling story that had the least expected ending that surprised us. She told how her boyfriend of 5 years started to behave in a very strange way, and at some point she even questioned her own sanity because of his deeds. But thanks to the techno progress, we can have such things as a nanny cam, and owing to it the woman finally learned what it all was about.

A woman wrote us a letter and revealed that she faced a very weird situation recently.

A woman, 32, who preferred to remain anonymous, wrote us a letter where she told us a story that made our hair stand on end.

She began her letter, saying, «My boyfriend of 5 years and I just moved in together. He had some problems with his own apartment, and it was in the process of renovation. My sister, whom I lived with, was at that moment spending some time traveling. I told him it would be just fine if he lived at my place for a couple of weeks, until his home is fully ready for him moving back.»

«So, we’ve been living together for 2 weeks and everything started out awesome. There had been a problem with his jealousy because we often went out separately, but coming home to the same place helped him fight his unjustified jealousy.»

Then, the woman pointed out that there was one more problem, that emerged right after they started living together.

She wrote, «This might seem petty, but I’m really at my wits’ end with this issue. Ever since we started living at the same place, my things started disappearing, all of a sudden. What is even more weird, they were reappearing 1 day later in the same place they were missing from. I’m speaking about documents, some household items and even food. And it has never been like „losing“ things and then finding them again in some other place. I deliberately looked for something in a certain place where it wasn’t, but it appeared there just the next day.»

The woman was puzzled by what was going on and was questioning her own sanity.

The woman went on with her letter, saying, «I often take a small chocolate bar with me to my office every day. I usually have a full pack of such chocolate bars in my kitchen. Shortly after my boyfriend moved in with me, I woke up in the morning to find the whole pack of chocolates was missing. I asked if he didn’t see them, he replied that no, he didn’t see and didn’t take it.»

Then, the strange thing happened again. The woman revealed, «I came home and saw that chocolate bars were in the kitchen drawer again! I asked him again, this time about how they appeared there, and he said he had no idea about it.»

The man just supposed that the woman didn’t see them in the morning, though they were always there.

At first, the woman thought it was some strange kind of her boyfriend’s humor, but this really made her mad. She said, «Sometimes, even the items belonging to my friends disappeared. I asked them to give me something for a short-time use, and then wanted to give back to them and just couldn’t find the thing in question. Sometimes, it were specific documents I needed for a certain day.»

The woman wrote that at some point, she was questioning her own sanity, and she started thinking she was crazy. But this feeling was temporary, and she was sure that her boyfriend was doing it, but she would never know what his purpose was.

Nanny cam helped the woman to «open her eyes» to an existing problem.

The woman goes on with her story, saying, «I started reading articles about gaslighting, and then I bought a nanny cam. While I was waiting for it to be delivered, I had one incident when my thing went missing again. It was a book that I had ordered for my father via Amazon and intended to give it to him the next day.»

As expected, in the morning, that book was gone. The woman wrote that she chose to ignore it and her boyfriend reacted quite strange to it. He even asked her on her way out if she had taken the book with her. She pretended that she didn’t know what book he was talking about and just left.

In the evening, the book was on her desk again, and she ignored it again. Some time later, he casually walked by her room and said that was the book he was talking about in the morning. And he was pretty angry for the rest of the evening that the woman did not make a big deal of it.

Then, the nanny cam finally arrived, and the woman set it up while her boyfriend was at work. She revealed, «I placed a letter I needed for work on my table. It was missing a few hours later and re-appeared the next day. Then I checked out the nanny cam evidence, I saw how he took my letter, took it away and brought it back a few hours later.»

The woman wrote, «However, as soon as I saw the „evidence“, I decided not to talk to him. I was already scared of his reaction and had previously decided to break up with him as soon as possible.»

The woman found out the reason of such actions, and this was a shocking revelation for her.

The woman wrote that from the start she thought it may have been kleptomania, some awkward prank or messing with her stuff because something about her frustrated her boyfriend.

As soon as she got him out of her apartment and broke up with him as soon as he was gone, things finally started to clear up for her. She suddenly realized that all he wanted was to isolate her from friends and family and keep her in the apartment under his control.

She remembered his jealousy and all other things that he did to her in the past, and now the woman is absolutely sure that her man was doing that to make her believe in her own insanity. He wanted to make her question her thoughts and decisions, and he was deliberately stealing her things and then putting them back only to turn her into a submissive creature, who would be with him and listen only to him.

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