I Was About to Remarry My Ex-Husband, When Suddenly He Showed His Rotten Personality

3 months ago

Not many people decide to remarry their ex-spouses, and once they do, there must be something that prompts them they make the right choice this time. For our heroine, Amy, the decision to remarry her ex was natural, because she was still in love with him. But the way the events developed further, left Amy in a big doubt about giving her ex a second chance.

The couple divorced some time ago, but it wasn’t the end.

Amy, 34, wrote a letter to our editorial and told us her story. The woman wasn’t hiding her emotions and by sharing her story, she intended to warn our readers that it’s worth thinking twice if you ever decide to renew your relationship with a person who once let you down.

Amy opened her letter, saying, «I and my husband Dan, 36, had been sweethearts since middle school. We had been dating for over 8 years and then we got married. Our marriage was turbulent, with a lot of fights and even infidelity from Dan’s side, which I only suspected but which, however, was denied by him and was never confirmed by facts. I found some provoking messages from his colleague at a time on his phone and decided that it was time to call it quits. I didn’t listen to his excuses, and I sincerely didn’t want any explanations anymore. My trust in Dan had already been shaken a lot after he demonstrated very infantile behavior during some really hard times we were going through. So, I initiated our divorce and he gave up after several attempts to reason with me.»

The couple met once after the divorce and couldn’t hold their feelings back.

Amy goes on with her story, saying, «So, we divorced 3 years ago and I avoided any contact with Dan for a very long time. I did receive some invitations for a cup of coffee from him, but I ignored every attempt of Dan to get closer again. But around one year ago, we accidentally met in a supermarket. I went to buy some groceries and he was there, too, accompanied by some beautiful lady.»

Amy revealed, «When I saw Dan with another woman, I instantly became extremely jealous. Of course, I remembered that we divorced and that he was a free man from then on. But something inside me just didn’t let him go all this time, and seeing him with another woman was very hurtful and offensive to me.»

Amy wrote that Dan called her that very same day when they met in the supermarket, and she decided to answer his call this time. The woman wrote, «I was surprised by the purpose of Dan’s call. He called to explain that the woman he was accompanied by, was his father’s secretary and that his dad just asked him to bring her home because she hurt her leg badly. Dan added that their visit to that supermarket was the woman’s initiative, she just asked him for a favor and he couldn’t say no.»

The woman added, «I believed Dan, because I saw that the woman was limping, so the whole story sounded legit to me. Dan then suggested meeting for a talk, and this time I agreed.»

Dan and Amy began dating again and Dan made a surprise for Amy.

Amy wrote, «The first moment I saw Dan after that encounter in a supermarket, stroke me like lightning. I realized that I was still so in love with him. Dan was holding my hand throughout the evening and was very delicate and attentive. Then he drove me home and in the car he kissed me. It was like a flashback from our school years when he first kissed me on our first date. I gave up, and he moved in the next day. We started our relationship on the new page. It was awesome and I was totally happy. Up until one day, when he disappointed me again.»

Amy goes on with her story, saying, «One day, Dan woke me up at 6 am and told me to wake up because he wanted to take me to the spa. I was very surprised because it wasn’t a special day or anniversary, but sure I was all in for it. At the spa, Dan told me how he wanted to go to a fancy restaurant after we were done at the spa, and that he had a surprise for me. Of course, I agreed.»

The woman revealed, «We then got to the restaurant, we had an amazing and romantic dinner and just a nice time in general. We were going through our memories and building some plans for the future. We even talked about trying to have kids.»

Then, the situation took a bizarre and unpleasant turn. Amy recalled, «After around 50 minutes Dan stood up and got on his knees. He took out a box out of his pocket. My heart stopped beating, as I hadn’t even predicted this. He made a speech about how I was the most beautiful woman in the world and how he missed me when we were apart. He ended the speech with „Will you marry me again my queen?“. Of course, I said yes!»

The surprise turned out to be the biggest disaster in Amy’s life.

Amy goes on, saying, «Seconds later all that excitement turned into an absolute horror for me. Dan opened that small box and I sincerely expected he had put the ring in it. But it contained a note saying „you’ve been pranked!“ and Dan started laughing hysterically.»

Amy revealed, «He continued with „Honey, this was just a prank! I’m not ready at all to remarry you yet!“. He was about to hug me but I gave him the biggest slap ever with tears streaming down my face. I just told him, „We’re over you the nightmare of my life“.»

Amy shared that Dan had been texting and calling her for a month after that incident, but felt so sad, betrayed, and very angry. The woman confessed, «I thought this was going to be one of the best days of my life. But I learned a lesson that you really cannot step into the same river twice. And, though it was a hard-earned lesson for me, I’m ready to move forward without him and now I’m sure that I divorced Dan for a reason.»

Sometimes, we tend to think too bad about our nearest and dearest, when in fact, they might be doing some nice things. One woman was almost sure that her husband fell in love with their new neighbor because she saw how he was watching her from their windows. But the truth appeared to be very different from what the woman suspected. Read more to find out why her husband was doing this strange thing.


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