13 Stories That Show How Fabulously Greedy Some People Can Be

3 years ago

There are greedy people in this world who can figure out what’s good for them from a mile away. You can find them anywhere: at work, on public transport, and even among your friends and relatives. But almost everyone has occasional bouts of greed. However, most often, we immediately get punished by karma and the only thing we can do is to laugh at our awkward attempt to save money.

At Bright Side, we would do our best to avoid people like those mentioned in this article.

  • Once someone knocked on our door. I opened it, and saw an elderly lady and a girl who I didn’t know. I called my mother, but she also didn’t know them. It turned out that they were the distant relatives of my father’s friend who came to our city to get a nose job for the girl and who just decided to stay at our house for a couple of weeks. Of course, we were shocked, but we didn’t throw them out. So they stayed with us, then left, and we never heard from them again. © Sirarpi Sahradyan / facebook
  • A friend of mine works at a university. Recently they had a very busy period and had to work every night and during the weekends. They were promised a good bonus for it. A couple of months later, they found out that their bonus was a gift card to the university cafeteria. That’s what I call — greed! © Podslushano / ideer
  • I have a co-worker who often comes up and asks for chewing gum or candy. And if you have it, she always asks for 2 pieces. And when someone has a birthday party at work, she always eats her piece of cake or pizza, and then packs another one to take home. The funny thing that she has never brought anything in on her own birthday. © Alina / AdMe
  • I was carrying a good microwave back from my mother’s and I decided to save some money on a taxi and took the bus. At one point, the driver had to brake abruptly to avoid a collision with another car. When I did this, I hit my knee and my microwave fell on the floor after doing a somersault in the air. I just left the broken glass door on the floor. So now I’m sitting here thinking about whether it is even worth repairing? © darya.chicherina / instagram
  • I’ve known my friend for, I guess, 10 years. Over time, I began to notice how she counts every penny if we are splitting the bill for something. I like to treat my friends, and in general, money has never played a big role in friendship to me. But it’s annoying when you don’t have any change and you ask your friend to pay for the bus. I told her that I’d give it back to her as soon as I broke my large bill, but she continued to remind me about it every 10 minutes. © Podslushano / ideer
  • I had a meetup with my ex-schoolmates 5 years ago. There were 15 people altogether, but by the end of the evening, only 4 people were left. So we had to pay for everyone. I don’t go to these meetups anymore. If I want to see someone I only meet that particular person. © Irina Titova / facebook
  • My very stingy former boss built a cottage. He had been calculating whether it was necessary to install a lightning rod for a long time. Eventually, he decided that it was too expensive. During the first thunderstorm, all of his household appliances burned out. © YurisKrass / twitter
  • When I worked as a tutor, a vaguely familiar lady came to me, and said, “We studied in the 8th grade together. And I always stood up for you when you were bullied. So, you have to teach my child for $2 per lesson.”
    I managed to remember her. She was actually the first to bully me in school. I then told her that I remembered her and that I wasn’t angry with her. I would teach her child, but at my normal rate. The lady snorted and left. A couple of weeks later, her husband came in with their daughter and apologized. Their girl was very good, she probably takes after her father. © Khishny Zaits / AdMe
  • A girl I know usually collects “gifts” from all the tables at parties. While other guests are still thinking about whether to have another piece or not, she always says, “I will take a little for my husband, OK? He’s sitting hungry at home.” Once, a friend of mine invited her to a restaurant to her birthday party. Eventually, a cake was left on the table. The birthday girl had planned to take it away, but our always starving friend quickly took out a bag and looked around with her eyes saying: “No one wants it, right?” We all thought this was a pretty selfish display on her part. By the way, this girl is very wealthy. © Ekaterina / AdMe
  • Our boss walks around the office and turns off the lights after everyone. He also fines employees for leaving them on, but that’s not all. Once, I noticed that very little water was flowing out of the toilet tank when flushing. As a result, you weren’t able to remove all your waste in one flush. I decided to remove the lid from the tank, and saw that there were 2 0.5 liter bottles inside. So the boss was saving one liter of water with every flush. © biotoxin / pikabu
  • Shortly before the beginning of the school year, my aunt called and said, “Your son had a good backpack, and now my great-grandson is going to school, he would love to have it.” Dear aunt, my son is graduating from college, what backpack are you talking about? I thought maybe she forgot about it, she was 90 years old, after all. But no, she remembered everything, and she was very upset that I had been so careless and hadn’t saved such a nice bag. © TrianoRivera / pikabu
  • Once, when I was on a business trip in Asia, my colleagues and I went to a pretty expensive restaurant. We got there by public transport, but we had to take a taxi on our way back. On that day, the local football team was playing, and many fans had gathered in the square close to the restaurant. So we found a taxi, but the driver hiked the price up, of course. My colleagues were outraged, “We could take 2 taxi rides for this money.” I explained that we wouldn’t be able to find a cheaper option at that point, because of all that was going on. They didn’t believe me and decided to wait for a bus. Suddenly, it started raining, and we, totally wet, got stuck at the bus stop for about 20 minutes.
    As a result, I stopped a taxi, and we had to pay 2 times more than we had been told earlier. Greed is a crappy quality, especially when combined with the ignorance of local realities and the inability to listen to others. © Han*****Unicorn / AdMe
  • We have been paying visits to our relatives and bringing our own food for a long time. Last Christmas, I made a cake and we went to see my cousin. What we brought was the only food we had there, while they had a marinated chicken in the fridge which they put into the oven after we left. © Vera Tsymbaeva / facebook

Have you ever been in a similar situation? Do you continue to communicate with stingy people like this or do you prefer to stay away from them? Tell us in the comments below.

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Not everybody is greedy because they want to be. You never know what their story is, when they were little maybe the penny-pinchers were really poor.


I can't understand people who want to save every penny they can, sometimes it's just worth it to spend a bit more on some quality...


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