20 Stories From Bright Side Readers That Were Shocked by the Insolence They Saw

3 years ago

Some people have an unfounded sense of entitlement. They don’t feel ashamed when they cut in line in a supermarket, force people they don’t know to help them, or use their own relatives. But other people are usually shocked by their behavior.

We at Bright Side have already published stories from our readers that have had to deal with this type of arrogance. And the fact that these stories just keep coming only proves that some people’s expectations have no limit.

  • I made a mistake by hiring my relative. A little while afterward, the company’s payment system changed and her pay increased by 40%. 2 months later, she asked me to raise her payment every month because she was spending more than she earned. © Nikolay Kuznetsov / Facebook

  • My friend invited me to celebrate Christmas together with them. I thought I’d bring candy, fruit, champagne, and maybe bake something. The next day, she called me to tell me what I needed to buy, aside from what I was going to bring. After I heard the list, I told her that that would be enough food for 2 weeks and that I was no longer going to come. As I found out later, she asked another friend of hers to bring even more food and she didn’t even put it out on the table! © Marina Romanova / Facebook

  • My upstairs neighbor asked to borrow our kitchen table. We didn’t ask him why and just gave it to him. Maybe he was waiting for guests. He returned the table, but it was covered in paint. We looked at the man and he said, “We were painting the ceiling and needed something to step on. Our table is new and yours is old.” We were shocked. © Gennadiy Ruksha / Facebook

  • One year when we didn’t have much harvest, we had lots of free space in the freezer. I let my friend keep her berries in there. The next year, she came to me with bags of berries. When I told her I had no free space, she was surprised, “So you put your stuff in there? But where am I supposed to keep mine?!” © Marina Makeeva / Facebook

  • Our friends invited us out of town to celebrate Christmas together. When I asked them what to bring, they told me to bring a goose. So, I baked cookies and fried a huge goose. It took me the whole day. When we got to their place, we saw a tiny bowl of salad on the table and some sausages. © Lyubov Zeveleva / Facebook

  • I was on vacation and a child living nearby had a fever. I offered to help because I’m a doctor. I took care of the child while the parents were sleeping. One week later, I broke my toe and asked them for a ride to the hospital. They told me, “There are buses around here. We’re here to rest not to drive other people around.” © Julia Ustimova / Facebook

  • A woman I know once texted me and told me she had no money and no food. I asked her to give me a list of foods she needed. I bought everything she asked for and called a delivery service. I checked the list and realized that I forgot to buy butter, so I took what I had in my fridge. I sent the stuff to her, but I didn’t get any calls or texts from her. I thought maybe she didn’t get it. I texted her and she said, “We don’t need your leftovers! We’re people, too, you know!” © Veronika Wombell / Facebook

  • My neighbor invited me and my son to have dumplings. When we got to her place, it turned out that we were supposed to help make them. We also had to make the dough and prepare the meat. So, we cooked it all and had dinner. But she has 5 kids and 3 of them are adults! Why did they not help? © Tatyana Kim / Facebook

  • It was hot and went to get an ice cream cone. It cost me $3. I saw a couple with a baby in a stroller who were around 30 years old. They stopped and asked me with smiles on their faces, “Could you give our son $9 for ice cream?” I was shocked. © Jelena / AdMe

  • I have a friend. Once, she called me to invite me to celebrate Christmas with her friends. She told me there would be 2 more couples that I didn’t know. She said that they didn’t have enough room and asked if we could celebrate at my parents’ house out of town. I said that I needed to meet her friends first. So, we agreed to meet at a cafe and I saw 30 people there that I had never met before! She told everyone, “Wow, we’re going to have a great time!” She didn’t even introduce me to anyone! It turned out that she had organized a meeting online and described a beautiful house out of town. And she didn’t tell anyone who the house belonged to. I told her that I wouldn’t let that many people in my house. © Ekaterina / AdMe

  • We bought a second-floor apartment. We changed everything in it and it was great. A little while later, a woman came to us, (from the fifth floor) and asked us to exchange apartments because she had an elderly father and it was hard for him to walk up the stairs. But there was an elevator in the building! We were shocked by this selfish request. © Ludmila Shilenko / Facebook

  • My neighbors think that I have to wash the entrance to our apartment building because I live in a 3-room apartment and they only have one room. © Larisa Bashkina / Facebook

  • And my neighbor thinks that I have to wash the entire floor at the entrance because I have 2 dogs that walk around the entrance with their dirty paws. I told her I’d do it only if everyone else would take their shoes off in the elevator and not walk around the entrance in dirty shoes. © Elena Gurza / Facebook

  • In the ’90s, my ex-husband and I bought an apartment. We were around 20 years old, we were in the advertising business, and we made good money. We redecorated our apartment, but the plumbers did a bad job with the radiators. That fall, the radiators burst and some water got into our neighbors’ apartment downstairs. Of course, we paid them $600 which was a lot of money at the time.
    But I was so shocked when, 2 weeks later, the downstairs neighbor invited me to her place, showed me her bad-looking toilet, and said, “Do you see how we live? Your place is awesome! Give us some money.” Obviously, I got angry and refused to fulfill her request. They’ve hated us ever since. © Zhanna Lisovskaya / Facebook

  • There was a time when I was interested in photography. I took courses and I bought a good camera. My friend invited me to her wedding. There was a photographer, but I had my camera with me and took a lot of photos. They were pretty good.
    6 months later, our mutual friend invited me to her wedding. She also asked me if I was going to bring my camera. I always had it with me, so I said that I would.
    As the date for the wedding got closer, I need up having to take an urgent trip out of town on the day of the wedding. It was spontaneous, so I just texted the girl that I wouldn’t be coming to the wedding.
    She called me back and started yelling at me because I let her down and telling me I wasn’t her friend anymore, saying that she invited me only for the photos and that she wouldn’t find anyone else in that short amount of time. © Viktoria Sedakova / AdMe

  • 10 years ago or so, my brother and his wife invited me to live with them for a month. They lived 300 km away from my place. They invited me to babysit their child while they were working. They pestered me about this a lot, so I agreed, even though it was my vacation and I really wanted to rest.
    I spent a month with their child, I cooked dinner for the entire family, I cleaned the place, I bought their food, and even did their dishes (because my brother’s wife just stopped doing the dishes once she saw that I did them once). I was like their servant.
    And when I was leaving, she brought me a list of the money I owed them. It was for food, electricity, the water bill, and so on. Just so you know, I had my own money that I spent on them. I also brought a lot of food with me from my house.
    They had also promised me some money for everyday expenses, but they didn’t give me anything. Anyway, it’s hard to explain how terrible I felt when I was leaving.
    But the best part was when they invited me again one year later. Of course, I said no. But then it turned out that my brother didn’t know about what happened. When I told him, he was so shocked that he didn’t believe me.
    And after all this, my brother’s wife calls me and says, “You know it’s Jane’s birthday soon, and we want you to give her a puppy.” Jane is her older daughter from her first marriage that I barely knew. And the puppy cost almost as much as I made per month. © Max Asmolov / Facebook

Do you have any similar stories to share? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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