20 People Who Wanted to Take an Ordinary Photo but Got a Real Masterpiece Instead

3 years ago

While some people spend months studying the peculiarities of working with chiaroscuro, learning the art of composition, and understanding the way cameras work, others just take a random picture and immediately get a masterpiece that looks like a painting. These lucky ones sometimes manage to turn even an ordinary mess on the table into a work of art.

Bright Side is ready to admit that, although photography is unlikely to ever replace painting, some of these pictures look like they belong on the wall of an art gallery.

“My friend was just having breakfast, and I decided to take a picture of her. We didn’t plan anything.”

“My dog ​​Dexter is basking in the sun. I think this photo looks very much like a painting.”

“The bakehouse in Vancouver.”

“Just sleeping in a tiny village in the Caucasus mountains.”

A scene from a student’s life

“My wife and our daughter on our trip to Belgium. This is a shot from a video that I made.”

“Backyard of my house. And, although there are no people there, this photo looks like a David Vinckboons painting.”

“I took a picture of my dog Henry after a rainy walk. He knew that he looked regal.”

“Girl with a gray towel.”

“A test photo of my friend...by a lucky coincidence...turned out to be too dark.”

After the birthday celebration

“Photographed my friend and got a masterpiece.”

“I call this photo Venus with Children.”

“The Awakening.”

“This picture reminds me of Italian frescoes. For example, Paolo Veronese.”

“Here’s a portrait of my girlfriend.”

“I took this photo at Shukkei-en Garden in Hiroshima. These fish are really swimming in water and not in oil.”

“I took a photo of my sister on a bus.”

“My friend in her new apartment”

“Meet Amber, my Queen!”

Which masterpieces do you have in your photo gallery?

Preview photo credit MexicanB****** / Reddit


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meanwhile my friends take such photos of me, that I can't help but delete them...


well, there is one pic I made for my sister when she cried, I wanted to send it to my best friend so I told her she cried and then, when I took a pic, she looked so pretty I wondered how!!!


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