13 People Who Mustered Up the Art of Transformation

2 years ago

We don’t always remember how we looked some years ago. Luckily, we have photos to look at and see the incredible transformation.

At Bright Side, we looked at the transformations of regular people who were really determined to improve their looks. And they did a great job.

“At my heaviest, I weighed 297 pounds. I decided to not cut my hair till I lost all the weight. Through dieting and boxing, I managed to turn my life around.”

“I’m proud of my transformation from 14 years old to 27.”

“I’m 15 in the photo on the left, and 27 in the right one. So thankful braces exist!”

“At 15, I used to be the girl that no boy liked. Now I’m 21.”

“How I learned to start shaving and escape the neckbeard”

“18 vs 21! One of my proudest achievements”

“I’m 15 on the left. The endless amount of time in the gym paired with trying my best to learn nutrition and eat well for years got me to the guy on the right.”

“13 vs 21. I lost the glasses and stupid fringe.”

“Puberty came a little late but it was worth the wait. I’m 18 now.”

“They used to call me ’pretty’ as a joke.”

“Me at 14 and 22.”

“I’m 11 on the left, and 31 on the right. I just grew up and lost weight.”

“12 vs 22. I actually have a jawline now.”

How did you change with age? Share your photos in the comments below.

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calling someone an "ugly duckling"? way to make others ashamed. this is less bright side than it is shaming side. 😡


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