10 Parents Reveal the Most Heartbreaking Thing Their Child Has Said to Them

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2 months ago

In a special survey, ten moms and dads shared some really touching moments when their kids said things that made them feel really sad. Like when a little one asked about tough stuff, or when they said something super sweet, and it made their parents’ hearts melt. These stories remind us how powerful child’s words can be and how strong the love between parents and kids is.

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  • My soon-to-be six-year-old son just finished kindergarten. A few months back, on a Saturday during the middle of the winter season, my husband and I were out shopping with our five kids. So as we were wandering around the store, our little guy saw something he just had to have: a kid’s size Minnesota Vikings winter hat and a pair of gloves. I was hesitant, because they were not cheap ($40!!!). But I just couldn’t resist, so hubby and I bought them for him, as long as he promised that he absolutely would not lose them. He agreed.
    He wore them to school every day the next week. Then a week later, when I went to do the laundry, I couldn’t find the hat and gloves in his bag. I went to ask him where they were, and my little boy’s head immediately fell.
    «I don’t have them anymore, momma,» he whispered sadly.
    «Oh no, honey, did you lose them?!» I replied incredulously.
    My son shook his head. «No.»
    Huh? Confused, I asked, «Then what happened to them?»
    «I gave them away,» he told me solemnly.
    I sighed and gently scolded him, telling him that he can’t be giving his things away like that, especially when they were so expensive. Then my husband asked who he’d given them to. Our son answered the name of another boy in his class. I knew that the boy’s father had died a few years prior, and his mom had recently lost her job, so money had been really tight for a long time. When we asked why he’d done that, his answer literally shattered my heart.
    My sweet, innocent, caring little boy replied, «Because he doesn’t have any hats or gloves, mommy, and his head and hands get cold at recess every day. I have bunches more hats and gloves at home that I can wear. Is that okay?» I’d never been so saddened but so incredibly proud at the same time. Ava Anderson / Quora
  • My son was nearly 4 years old. One day, he and my wife went to a restaurant to get a pizza for lunch. There was an elderly man who came in with his shopping cart. He ordered a cup of coffee which the waitress grudgingly served him. He fished on his pocket and pulled out a hot dog. He ate it slowly, dunking it in his coffee between bites.
    My son asked why he was doing this, and my wife explained that he was homeless and had no money. My son became upset and asked my wife if they could help him. As they were ready to leave, my wife brought him the untouched half of the pizza they had been eating. He thanked them with tears in his eyes when they left.
    When they got into the car, my wife heard my son crying. When she asked him what was wrong. He looked at her through his tears and answered, «Nothing, Mommy...I just have feelings inside myselfMichael DiBiasio / Quora

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  • Last year, my daughters (who are 4 and 6 years old) and I were going through our wedding photographs. Both of the girls, being very curious and talkative, kept asking questions about why their mom and I were living together after the wedding, why we are not with our parents anymore.
    At night, when I was almost asleep, I felt something warm and wet on my face. I opened my eyes to find my 4-year-old’s face very close to mine. Her tears were falling on my face. I was really surprised and immediately hugged her and asked for the reason why she was crying. She started crying loudly and in a broken and weak tone she told me, «I don’t want to leave you, I don’t want to get married.» MI Abbas / Quora
  • My son asked was I going to die while I was taking cancer treatments. I held him close and just said, «Not today, Love». 10 years later, the promise remains kept. Glowing_Sista / Reddit
  • My daughter lost her father when she was 7. Two weeks before his death, his dad died (my daughter’s grandfather). When I told her, she said some along the lines of, «If my daddy died, I’d be really sad.»
    Well, two weeks later, her father died unexpectedly from a heart attack. We gather all the kids together to tell them (he has 4 total...they were 7, 11, 11 & 12 at the time of his death). So we tell them, and she said, «At least Papa isn’t alone now.» JustCallInSick / Reddit
  • My husband died suddenly when my son was 5 years old. I sat him down the next day to explain to him that daddy had died. I had to do it in a calm, almost practical tone because I didn’t want him to cry. I felt that he was too young for his heart to be broken that way.
    He took it all in calmly. Then he said to me, «Mommy, I want a new heart, this one hurts.» Grace Ozaeta-Granlund / Quora
  • My son died of a cancer-like disease when he was ten years old. At the end, the doctors asked me to leave the room as they were fighting for his life. As I turned to leave, he said, «I won’t see you again.» I said, «I know, goodbye.» David Granteer / Quora
  • When my daughter was five, she would ask all the time if she could have a baby brother or sister. «Every one in my dance class has TWO brothers and sisters and I don’t have any,» she would cry.
    That year, for Christmas, we announced that we were expecting her baby brother.
    Unfortunately, at 36w 5d, we learned that her brother would not be coming home with us. When we broke the news to her, she said, «You mean I’m still going to be a lonely child?» Those were the most heartbreaking words I have ever heard. Sandra Haydon / Quora
  • My son hates it when I go to work. It’s hard to explain the reasons I have to go. One night he asked, «Dad, do you have to work tomorrow?» Being a Sunday night, I said I do. He asked why. I said, «Because I have to make money for food and toys and things.»
    He got pretty excited about this and exclaimed, «But I have money!» He then retrieved his Darth Vader piggy bank, «We can use this.» It was pretty tough to get up and go to work the next day after that. Aaron Hesse / Quora
  • He was 10 years-old and courted throughout the winter by his father, who was getting remarried, that he would be in the wedding party. He was so excited, as it meant time with his father, who lived in England, and we lived in Canada.
    Fast-forward to May and all communications ceased — my son asked what should he do? I said, «Call your Dad and ask what’s going-on.» He did, then went into his bedroom and howled like a wounded animal. I went to him and held him in my arms while he wailed.
    I asked him what happened, and he said, «She said I couldn’t be in their wedding party because I was not her child». His father said the wedding had been cut-down to nothing due to expenses, including his flight. Two months later, his Dad sent him pictures of the wedding, two flower-girls, six bridesmaids and groomsmen and hundreds of guests. J Macdonald / Quora

Get ready to laugh, cringe, and maybe even shed a tear as ten courageous women bare it all by sharing their most embarrassing moments. From wardrobe malfunctions to hilarious mishaps in public, these stories will have you nodding along in solidarity and perhaps feeling a little better about your own embarrassing moments.

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