18 Times a Heavy Cleaning Drastically Changed the Way Things Looked

2 years ago

According to a study, people with tidier houses are healthier and fitter. Some even start cleaning whenever they need to relieve stress or boost their mood. Whether we like doing it or not, cleaning is a necessary task that we all need to do. That’s because if an object stays without a good brush or wash for long, time will leave its mark to the point of completely transforming its appearance beyond recognition.

Bright Side believes that a good cleaning session can magically turn back the clock and make objects appear brand new. Here are before and after photos of items that became unrecognizable once cleaned.

1. “First time cleaning it in 13 years.”

2. ’’I walked by at just the right time! It’s a power washing before and after.’’

3. “I was too depressed to clean until I went on medication.”

4. ’’Cleaning a platinum ring that hasn’t been cleaned for 20+ years.’’

5. ’’I scrubbed a ceiling rose clean with a toothbrush whilst renovating a house.’’

6. ’’I brought a pressure washer to try and clean things up.’’

7. ’’A motorcycle boot getting cleaned up.’’

8. ’’The way my $5 thrift store coffee pot cleaned up.’’

9. “I forgot that the table is made of transparent glass.”

10. “I cleaned a very hairy car today.”

11. ’’Picked up this old concrete park table as a freebie. Had to take the power cleaner to it.’’

12. “Before/after of a property I cleaned up today”

13. ’’I cleaned my coffee mug today. Great result!’’

14. “I cleaned my deck chairs.”

15. ’’Before and after photos of pressure washing the stone wall in front of my house’’

16. “The before, during, and after of a grill at work”

17. ’’I power-washed my driveway after 5 years of buildup.’’

18. The knobs of a very old cabinet

Do you actually enjoy cleaning or consider it a heavy task that you have to do from time to time?
Do you believe that a clean house can make us happier in life?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit EthanWS6/Reddit


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