15 Stories From People That Can’t Get Over the Rudeness They Witnessed

3 years ago

There is probably no one on this planet that have never experienced rudeness or tactless behaviors from others. It’s hard to understand why some people want to hurt others. But one thing is perfectly clear: many people don’t even notice that they are being rude.

We at Bright Side hope that you don’t have a lot of toxic people in your life. And in today’s compilation, you will read stories about people that forgot to keep their opinions to themselves.

  • When I was in kindergarten, I won the “Mini-Miss Kindergarten.” There were 2 gifts: for 1st place and for 2nd. I, as the winner, could choose. They were toys: a white fluffy dog and a squirrel. An easy choice! I was on my way home feeling happy and proud, and my grandmother snatched the toy out of my hands and said, “You kids can’t play with such toys! You’ll ruin them in 15 minutes!” I was so sad. My mom wasn’t there and my dad didn’t argue with his mother-in-law. I only got my toy back after... 15 years when I was already in college! It was as good as new, but... © “Podslushano” / Vk

  • When I walk with my French bulldog, I often see a girl with the same dog. She once started telling me how she paid a lot of money for her dog and even paid extra for its blue eyes. I was there hoping she would stop talking, but then she said, “And you got yours from a shelter, right? I’ve never seen such a strange color. Poor boy! Good for you, these dogs are not cheap at all.” We said goodbye to each other and she left without knowing that I have a regular French bulldog. © TatiGrebennique / Twitter

  • We have a neighbor that has problems with her legs. It’s difficult for her to walk. My wife and I and another neighbor sometimes help her: we buy groceries for her, medications, some stuff for the house. Of course, she pays for the purchases. But also, for some reason, she sends tons of texts to my wife: pictures, videos, texts. She will send 20 of them a day. And let’s not even mention the regular calls, where my wife has to listen to her talking. And my wife uses this phone for her job and she can’t just not check it. So, I told her to stop responding to the texts. I hope the lady understands. © Igor2018 / Pikabu

  • Advertisers call our office and want us to work with them. I tell them politely that we won’t be needing their services anytime soon. They say, “So, we’ll call you back after lunch?” I say something like, “Soon means maybe in 6 months.” And they say, “Who should we contact when we call you in 6 months?” © Bash.im

  • I have a female colleague. She often likes to ask people about their appearance. And it’s the same all the time. She doesn’t want to know anything, she just says, “You look bad today. Did you sleep well? You sleep well? But you have dark circles. Maybe you have bad kidneys, maybe you should have a check-up! It’s not normal to look like this. Maybe you should try and wash the bedsheets? It could be an infection. You should do something. What doctors have you seen about it?” She does this with everyone — bald men, girls with acne. © anarchy19 / Pikabu

  • I was at the supermarket buying apples and a tall girl wearing high heels walked past me. The cashier said, “So tall and she’s wearing high heels!” I said, “It’s rude to discuss other people’s appearances.” The cashier says, “Isn’t it rude to wear heels when you’re that tall? I feel like a hedgehog!” © Bash.im

  • Leaving the price tag on a present is not very polite. I understand it’s how men make themselves proud, “I’ve spent this much money on my wife. I can afford it.” But you could be more polite to your own wife and remove the price tag. And if the wife is from a poor family and she’s not used to expensive presents, she doesn’t need to know that her gift was very expensive. My grandma was like that: if you wanted her to actually use a present, you couldn’t tell her the price, or she would hide it on the shelf and wait for the “right time.” © Bash.im

  • I dated a guy that made me mad with his constant “tests.” He would tell me something, use a rare word, and ask me if I knew the definition. I’d say “Yes” and he would go, “So, what does it mean then?” We broke up and I’m happy. © “Podslushano” / Vk

  • There are people that sometimes text you, “I like your work!” and if you reply to them just because you’re polite, they start a non-stop conversation where they share their own work, talk about themselves, and share their hopes and dreams with you. © Liskr**bles / Twitter

  • I remember when our teacher called the cool baggy jeans of my classmate “a trash bag.” It was terrible. Everyone took it as a joke, but the girl was really upset and it was obvious. © lovelybut1onely / Twitter

  • Being rude is something I see really often. I was going to work last Saturday and I saw a woman from a different department. She was with her son. He looked as if he was 10 years old. He said hello to me and the mother said nothing. Then, I went to the cafeteria and saw them again. I said, “Bon appetit!” The boy responded and the lady didn’t. I hope the boy grows up to be polite. © tomoe_evans / Twitter

  • I was giving an excursion on my birthday and I was in a terrible mood. A tourist came up to me and asked me how old I was. I told her that it was my birthday and that I turned a certain age on that day and I expected her to say, “Happy birthday!” and I’d feel better. Or if she told the entire group, everyone would congratulate me. But instead, she said, “At your age, I was already married and I had 2 children. And my children at your age already had good jobs and husbands and wives. And you’re doing something really silly! Who moves to Cambodia? Why did your parents even let you do that?” © podkayneofmarss / Pikabu

  • A lady in a cafe ordered coffee and a brownie. She drank the coffee and left the brownie on the table. She headed for the exit. Of course, the waiter stopped her and asked her to pay for the order. But the lady just said, “No, I didn’t eat the brownie and it’s more expensive than the coffee. Take it as the payment.” © Furibonda / Pikabu

  • My brother and I were both getting checkups sometime in high school, and as we were leaving the doctor stops us in a waiting room full of people and says to my brother, “If you want to get rid of that acne I can prescribe you something right now.” I think he genuinely meant well, but his timing was bad. © wonderlandresident13 / Reddit

  • I work for a company that provides different repair services. A lady calls on the phone and I can hear that she’s really arrogant. She says that one of our guys was really rude. I was trying to understand what happened and found out that she hired him to repair something in her bathroom. When he finished, she told him, “Here’s the money minus $100, but you can take my old shelf and toilet.” The guy was trying to turn down her “generous” offer. © MissLoyality / Pikabu

Can you share stories from when you had to deal with rude people?


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the 1st one is sad why would you do that to a kid and what's the point of giving it 15 years later


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