My Husband Says Paying My Son’s Tuition Is “No Longer His Responsibility”

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It’s never easy to keep financial matters divided equally in a family, especially when it’s blended. Kate, a Bright Side reader, is facing an issue where her husband of many years refuses to pay for her son’s college tuition but prefers to spend that money on less important issues, according to Kate. She wrote to us, and we gave her some tips on how to handle this tricky situation.

What if any are you contributing to his college fund? And if your sons father Is around it's time for him to man up and take responsibilities. Your husband did his duty raising your son from age 3. Now he should spoil his daughter


Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kate! Here are a few tips that we believe can assist you.

Mediation through family counseling.

Arrange for a family counseling session where both you and Paul can express your concerns in a structured and mediated environment.

A professional counselor can guide the discussion and facilitate finding common ground between you and Paul, ensuring that Jude’s future is prioritized while addressing Paul’s concerns about parental responsibility.

Financial planning and compromise.

Sit down with Paul to discuss a comprehensive financial plan for both Jude’s education and his daughter’s birthday gift. Explore creative solutions such as setting up a savings plan for Jude’s tuition alongside a budget for the car, finding a compromise that ensures both children are supported in their respective endeavors.

Highlight the long-term benefits of investing in education for Jude’s future success, while also acknowledging the significance of celebrating milestones in his daughter’s life.

Legal consultation and guardianship.

Given Paul’s declaration that Jude is no longer his responsibility now that he’s 18, seek legal advice to understand the implications of his statement on guardianship and financial support.

Explore legal options available to ensure Jude’s educational needs are met, whether through potential legal obligations or seeking alternative sources of funding. Understanding the legal landscape can empower you to protect Jude’s interests and pursue avenues for financial assistance if necessary.

Community support and networking.

Reach out to your extended family, friends, and community resources for support and advice. Engage with other parents and educational organizations to explore scholarship opportunities, mentorship programs, or part-time work options for Jude to contribute towards his tuition.

Building a network of support around Jude will not only provide practical assistance but also emotional reassurance during this challenging time. Additionally, involving a broader community can help in advocating for Jude’s right to access education and garnering collective support for his future aspirations.

Just like Kate, Amanda is another mom in a blended family who was shocked to hear that her husband asked her daughter to skip his birthday party celebrations because his own daughter was also going to be present there. Check out her full story here.

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