11 Examples That Prove Our Generation Sometimes Forgets How to Have More Fun

2 years ago

Some recent studies show that the current level of people’s happiness is pretty low. And it’s not just about personal problems. It seems that millions of people just forgot what it means to have fun.

We at Bright Side decided to take a look at the current generation: we’re constantly in a rush, we consume tons of useless information, and we don’t communicate with our friends and family in person as much as we used to. It seems like it’s time to stop and think about where we’re going.

We’ve sheltered ourselves from the outside world with headphones and we’ll soon forget how birds sing and how leaves rustle.

We can’t just sit and enjoy doing nothing. Have you noticed that many people’s vacations are all about running around cities and countries?

We’re trying to do a thousand things and forget about having fun. And the worst part is that it becomes normal for our children too.

When we were kids, we dreamed about specific toys. Now, there are dolls and cars for anyone but they don’t make kids very happy.

Do you remember the entire family gathering to watch a TV series together? And now, we can’t find anything worthy among thousands of series.

Before, we used to call friends to organize a meeting. Today, we don’t have time to even call each other, let alone meet in person.

Printing out photos was something special and today, our phones are so cluttered that we can’t find anything on them.

In the past, we looked forward to letters. Today, we’re trying to get rid of annoying texts and notifications.

Many people don’t even remember a time when they drank tea with their entire family in the evening instead of finishing tasks they didn’t finish during the day.

And drinking tea is walking from A to B with a cup of tea.

It seems that self-development is a new religion: even school students want to be successful. Not everyone even has time to read an interesting book.

In your opinion, what stops the people of our generation from being happy?


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So So True... everyone wants to achieve this and that.. I agree there needs to be the excitement to achieve stuff... but that doesn't mean we should avoid all other little happiness...


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