19 Things and Places That Deserve 5 Stars Thanks to Their Amazing Service

2 years ago

People say that the first impression is important for the customer to feel at ease; otherwise, they are not likely to return. On the other hand, it is essential that the products are of good quality. Some sellers (and we could even call them marketing geniuses) knew how to capture the attention of their customers in the most original way by offering such particular services that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Bright Side loves things that make our lives easier. That’s why we made a compilation of positive experiences that people had when they came across stores, objects or services that left them impressed in a good way.

1. “These two coin lockers that are easily accessible in a wheelchair.”

2. “A doll with down syndrome sold at a big-box store.”

3. “This fitted sheet has labels that tell you what’s a top/bottom and what’s a side.”

4. “This e-scooter in DC has braille.”

5. “My local shopping center put up bird houses to advertise that you can bring any pet.”

6. “This Burger King sign is the letters ’BK’, but in Indonesian Sign Language (BISINDO).”

7. “This McDonald’s in Amsterdam has a baby bottle warming microwave.”

8. “Cheap local airline here in Australia has USB ports and phone/tablet holders in every seat back.”

9. “This hook-shaped restroom door handle in Japan, so you don’t need to use your hands.”

10. “My eye doctors place has eye exams in different languages.”

11. “Outdoors store near me has a rock ramp for testing hiking shoe fit and grip.”

12. “The band-aids at my work are different colors.”

There are stickers with nature and children's designs. Why should a sticker be body color?


13. “This butchery in Germany has a vending machine on the outside. 24/7 sausage.”

14. “Public tools at my local bike park.”

15. “The store in my new town has a specific aisle where you can meet up with your spouse if you get separated.”

16. “My gym put an assortment of free Mother’s Day cards in the change rooms.”

17. “This bench has a spot to park your bike.”

18. “My economy seat had bonus leg room.”

19. “This urinal making for a pee-free floor at a local restaurant.”

What is the strangest or most original thing you have seen in any store or product?


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