I’m Selling My House to Get Rid of My Stepchildren

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2 weeks ago

Blending households with stepchildren can bring unique challenges that test the limits of patience, love, and personal space. For one man in particular, the pressure became so intense that drastic measures seemed like the only solution.

He explained what happened.

My wife passed away in November 2022. She left me three adult stepchildren who have all been very clear that I am not their parent despite being in their lives for over ten years. Their father has retired to the Philippines.

They are 21, 22, 25. Their mother and I have been helping them out with a place to live because our city has a very high cost of living. The youngest is in school still, but the other two are employed.

After their mother passed away, they stopped doing anything around the house. We had been charging no rent so they could save money. The older two were responsible for their own bills other than that. I paid for power, water, Internet, and all the utilities. We even provided food for the youngest.

Now they do nothing to help around the house. I have had to hire a cleaning lady to help. It's stupid.

So I put the house up for sale. The price has gone up so much since I bought it that I could retire to the Philippines if that was my thing.

It took no time at all to sell, and I'm moving out to my cabin. I gave each kid $10,000 and told them that the house was sold. They aren't idiots, they had seen the for sale sign and been around for the open houses.

I don't see what the problem is. YOU sold your house. Period. You gave unnecessary money to 3 people who are not related to you, but have been living in the house, as a kind gesture. The end.


Now they are getting upset with me for throwing them out of their home. I guess they did some of their growing up there, but they never treated it like much more than a place to sleep.

I think that their mom would be disgusted with how they treated me and our home.

They pooled their money and got an apartment, but if they count on only the money I gave them, they will have nothing in a year.

People stood on his side.

  • "Raise your hand if your parents gave you $10k when you moved out? No hands? You separated from leeches." Oddjibberz / Reddit
  • "They were disrespectful to you and your home, and you weren't obligated to continue providing for them, especially after they became adults." Xoxo_emmmaa / Reddit
  • "You gave them nearly two years to start picking up after themselves and acting like they wanted to live there. They didn't. If seeing for sale signs and open houses didn't get them to realize that that's not really on you. You also didn't have to give them money to be on their own, but you did.
    You've done enough, considering that they're adults. It sounds like if they had been picking up after themselves, you probably wouldn't have wanted to sell." Liss78 / Reddit
  • "You're right - their mom would be disgusted with how her children behaved in your home, in which they were, ultimately, guests. Enjoy your newfound freedom from entitled adults." Current-Anybody9331 / Reddit
  • "I sold my house to get rid of a freeloading, lazy brother, and my siblings blamed me for making him homeless. He was 59. Yet they wouldn’t take him in. Some people will take advantage of you rather than standing on their own two feet." shockingRn / Reddit
  • "These people are adults. They have made it clear that you are not their father, presumably meaning that you can not tell them what to do. Not only have they been living in your house rent-free, but they haven't done their share of the housework, expecting you to do it or pay for it.
    However, since you are indeed not their father, you don't owe them anything. You were generous to let them live in your house for over a year, and very generous to give them money to start their independent life. Now they will have to take responsibility for their own finances and housekeeping - or experience homelessness and realize that they indeed have to take responsibility." DawnShakhar / Reddit

Blended families come with their own set of challenges, and while many find ways to navigate them successfully, others find that separation is the only viable path to happiness.

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Unfortunately, many parents fail to teach their children the very basics of financial management. Like so many things we try to teach our children this be important one often gets mislaid or missing.The result can be very damaging.


There's a few more basics parents are neglecting to teach their children - love and respect. These cover the household chores, cooking, washing, cleaning, lawnmowing, and spending quality time together. Without these, you are left with empty shells, selfish, egocentric and narcissistic.
If these three ever visit their mother's husband, who has given so much to them, a shred of gratitude will be evident.


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