I’m Canceling My Wedding Because of a Nasty Truth I Learned About My Fiancé’s Past

2 months ago

A woman, 37, wrote a letter to our editorial and told us her dramatic story, that couldn’t leave us indifferent. The woman complained that her husband-to-be had been hiding a very unpleasant thing from her, and she revealed it right before their special day. Her story proves that sometimes the past of our significant ones does matter, especially when we find out that there was something we should’ve been aware of, but the truth was hidden from us carefully.

The woman was happy in her relationship with her fiancé.

A woman named Laura, 37, wrote us a letter and shared her personal story, that might resonate with many people who’re in a relationship. Laura opened her letter, saying, that she and her fiancé Mike have been dating for a long period of time already. Recently, Mike proposed to Laura and she was over the moon with happiness.

Laura revealed, «I have been dating Mike, a divorced man with two kids, for five years. Our relationship has always been what people call ’mature’, without any unnecessary drama and overload of emotions. We both already know what we want from life and from each other, and we’re both working hard on our relationship to be healthy and smooth.
When Mike proposed to me, I was very happy. I’ve never been married in my life, and I’ve never had a life goal to be married this way or that, but Mike was an ideal partner for me and I knew I would be very safe and comfortable with him.»

Laura added, «I have never been in love with Mike. I mean, I did have a huge respect for this man and I didn’t love him the way many people would imagine, but in our relationship the romantic side wasn’t a must, it was a partnership grounded on mutual trust and the feeling of solid future that we gave each other. This has always been enough for both of us.»

Mike has never betrayed Laura’s trust, up until one day.

Laura goes on with her story, saying that Mike has never lied to her. His relationship with his ex-wife has always been an open book for Laura. She knew that they met occasionally and discussed their parenting issues. There was nothing to worry about regarding Mike’s former relationship. But one day, everything changed for Laura.

The woman wrote, «Mike started to come home very late. It had lasted for over 2,5 months. He always explained that he had a heavy workload and that the new project he was working on demanded more time and effort from him than usual. At first, I believed him, but then, I met one of his coworkers in a grocery store. This coworker used to come to our place once or twice, and I recognized him in the store and even stopped for a quick polite chat.
We spoke to each other casually, and I mentioned that their new project must have been very hard for both Mike and him. Then I got an unexpected reply that they closed this project a month ago and even had a nice celebration on the occasion of this project being closed. Mike and his coworker have been working in their usual mode since then, and there were no other factors that would make Mike stay late in the office. He was lying to me all this time.»

Laura confronted Mike, but to no avail.

After the talk with Mike’s colleague, Laura decided not to beat about the bush and confronted Mike straight away. The woman said, «I just asked him to sit and talk to me, I told him that I knew he was coming late, not because of that project. Mike looked me straight in the eye and said that yes, he was lying to me all this time. But he was doing it for the sake of our relationship.
He said that he had arranged some extra work for himself and all he wanted was to earn extra money and then spend it on a special wedding gift for me. So, basically, he was planning some surprise for me and was trying to earn some more for making this happen.»

Laura revealed that she had a gut feeling that Mike was lying again. But she pretended that she believed him. She said, «I felt that he was lying, I didn’t have any evidence that he might have been cheating, or something of a kind, but I just felt that all these excuses about the wedding present and the extra work were mere nonsense, I just couldn’t prove it, so I decided to let it slip.»

The truth was revealed accidentally, when no one expected it.

Laura goes on with her story, saying, «This year, on his daughter’s birthday, we went to drop her off at his mom’s house. I hadn’t been there before, as Mike’s mom isn’t a very hospitable person. This time, however, everything was different, to my surprise. I was invited in to look at the presents that Mike’s daughter got from her mom and grandmother. My heart sank when I noticed that, on all the walls in the house, there were pictures of Mike and his ex-wife taken on their wedding day, as well as other family and baby pictures.»

Laura was overwhelmed, because she thought Mike wasn’t so much into the memories about his former marriage. But then, she noticed one more photo that put her into a huge shock, disappointment and despair. Laura wrote, «There was one very fresh photo on the wall in his mom’s hall. It had a date on it, and it was the date when Mike started his ’project’ at work. The photo was of him and his ex-wife, kissing. Turns out, he had been meeting her secretly all this time, and they were in a romantic relationship together. His mom knew about it, and it was her initiative to print this photo and hang it on the wall.»

Laura concluded, «You can ask me why Mike proposed to me if he had such deep feelings for his ex-wife. Well, the truth was that Mike and his ex-wife just didn’t want to get married again, but they did have feelings for each other. So, I was supposed to be some kind of ’wife on the paper’, because it was convenient for Mike. And his ex would rip the benefits of his sincere feelings and attitude. All of this I found out from Mike, after I made a huge scandal about these photos and all.»

Laura wrote that she canceled her wedding and Mike just couldn’t understand why she did it. In his opinion, they had an ideal relationship and his affair with his ex didn’t have an impact on it in any way. But Laura confessed, «I suddenly realized that I fell in love with Mike. Truly and sincerely. And his affair hurt much, as well as his lies. So, my decision to cut it off was painful, but I’d rather spend some time moaning over my unhappy romance than spend the rest of my life with a cheater and a liar like Mike.»

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