My Fiancé Expected Me to Keep His Baby After He Shamelessly Cheated on Me

3 weeks ago

Sometimes even picture-perfect romance can hide a devastating betrayal. This story is about how one woman navigated the tumultuous waters of heartbreak, deception, and unexpected pregnancy.

She explained what happened.

I don't know how to start this. My fiance told me that he cheated on me for over a year now, and we've been together for 7 years total.

He said he didn't want to be together anymore, which broke my heart, and still has since we were high school sweethearts. His girlfriend was with him when he told me this, which made me even more upset since he didn't have the decency to say it to me one-on-one. He let his girlfriend into our home, the one we bought together.

Anyway, I wanted to tell him I was pregnant on his birthday since his birthday was close. He always wanted a family, a big family with at least 5 kids. I didn't want kids that much, but I didn't mind them either.

The moment he told me we were over, I knew I didn't want that baby. I didn't want to co-parent or be a single mom, any of that. I have a good-paying job, and that might make me selfish for not wanting the baby, but I don't care.

I told him I was pregnant when he told me it was over. And he looked a little upset like he regretted it or something. He told me was fine with split custody, and I didn't say anything.

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A few days later I got an abortion, I thought it was necessary to tell him and not lead him on, since I didn't want to see or talk to him ever again. He called me when I sent the text, saying "Why would you do that??" And so on. He said I knew he wanted kids, and I should've told him before even thinking about it.

I feel selfish for doing what I did. But I feel like giving birth and overall having that kid would make me unhappy. I barely like kids and the thought of having one with the man who broke my heart is not helping. I feel like a jerk. He's the only one to know about the abortion but not the pregnancy.

People comforted her.

  • "He set you up to be a single mother with him as a perpetual headache. I'm guessing he never consulted with you before getting his new GF." HMS_Slartibartfast / Reddit
  • "Absolutely nothing wrong with choosing yourself." xasdfxx / Reddit
  • "The audacity of this man, I’m shocked. If you want a kid have one with your new GF then? Like, what? Why should your previous GF who you CHEATED on carry your child for you? Excuse me? If you want a surrogate then be prepared to pay. Wow." treesofthemind / Reddit

Creo que es normal sentirse emocionalmente devastada después de un aborto, pero tú sigue adelante, si decidiste no tener bebé por las razones que sean, está bien. Ánimo, poco a poco te irás sintiendo mejor.

  • "He had no say. He cheated on you and left you! And didn’t even have the decency to do it one on one. You did what was best for you. If he wants a family he can get his girlfriend pregnant. Good riddance!" iknowsomethings2 / Reddit
  • "It sounds like having a child would have cost her happiness. Also, this is a situation that would change your life forever... being a single mom, having to work the custody arrangements out, and having a selfish and unreasonable baby father... can have huge impacts on your life. If you aren't sure you want kids, it is better to not put yourself in this situation." poughlerbear / Reddit
  • "Surrogacy is expensive for a reason since no one would put themselves through pregnancy. Like, he’s not the one who’ll pee every time they sneeze." EmeraldEmber- / Reddit
  • "You have the right to choose what happens to your body. Your feelings are valid. Don't let him manipulate you. Your decision was about your future and well-being. Focus on healing and moving forward." Flirty_Abby / Reddit
  • "I admire people like you. Often people get emotional and keep the pregnancy facing the co-parenting issue with an ex-spouse forever. You don't deserve this. Hope you grow strong and wish you the best of luck." Hot_Broccoli3501 / Reddit
  • "Pregnancy and birth is not a walk in the park, especially in your circumstances. Please don't let him make you feel guilty. If he hadn't cheated on you, you would still be together and starting a family together. He is the one who messed this whole thing up." CrabbiestAsp / Reddit

Through the pain of betrayal and the complexities of an unexpected pregnancy, she discovered a source of strength she never knew she had. Now, it's better to surround yourself with supportive friends and family, seek therapy, and focus on rebuilding your sense of self.


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