My Stepdad Purposefully Ruined My $1000 Prom Dress for a Disgusting Reason

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5 months ago

A girl, 17, wrote to our editorial, telling her absolutely heart-wrenching story. Her stepfather has been an embodiment of evil and turned her life into a Cinderella-like existence. He ruined a prom dress of her dream, which cost $1,000 and for which the girl had been saving for a long time. However, her story took an optimistic turn, and she wrote to us again, with some good news, too.

The girl’s life has been complicated since childhood.

The girl named Anna wrote to us saying that she was distraught, and she had no idea what to do in her complex situation. She’s only 17, and she was wondering if there was any legal action she could take. She started her story with a small background.

She wrote that she lives with her biological mom and her husband since her parents separated a long time ago. At first, Anna lived with her dad since she was 3 years old. Her dad won custody after the custody battle.

However, her bio dad later lost custody of Anna after he had a severe work accident that left him paralyzed, and as a result he wasn’t able to take care of his daughter. Anna continued seeing him, but had to move in to live with her mom and her stepdad.

She has a stepbrother, and the relations with the family are very tough. Basically, her stepdad now says that Anna has disrupted their lives by coming back into her mom’s and his life, because she’s become an extra person they have to take care of.

Anna has always had a dream to have a beautiful prom dress.

Anna continues her story, saying that she’s been working since she was in 10th grade and saving up for her biggest dream. She wanted to buy herself a nice prom dress that cost $1,000 with the money from her job.

Her mother and stepdad let her know that Anna’s mother would only help her with the basic things, such as a graduation cap and gown, and would pay for a graduation photo. They left it to Anna to pay for the rest, including prom. Anna explained that she’s been saving all her earnings in full, and she was also making extra money doing nails, which she used as her spending money.

One day, she went prom dress shopping and bought herself a beautiful dress that cost $1,000. Anna wrote that the feeling of her dream coming true was even more dear to her than any money in the world.

Anna’s stepdad ruined her dream because of his own ambitions.

Anna goes on with her emotional story, saying that when she first showed her mom and stepdad the dress, they asked how much it was. She honestly told them the amount and since then the drama ensued. Anna’s stepdad couldn’t come to terms with the thought that Anna bought such a posh dress. He said that it was irresponsible of her and a total waste of money. He said she should have used it for paying some of the family bills.

Later, they got into an even bigger argument because Anna’s stepdad suggested she must help her stepbrother Olaf pay for his own prom, to which she said no. He became furious and called her selfish and said that it was not fair that Anna got an expensive dress while her brother would wear something cheaper to his prom.

The next morning, Anna woke up and couldn’t find her prom dress anywhere. She asked her stepdad if he didn’t see it since her mom was at work. And he said he did, and in fact he was washing it, while giving her a smile. Anna then saw her dress in the washing machine, put to wash on the heavy-duty cycle. It was completely ruined. All of the rhinestones came out, and the colors were washed out.

Anna was totally desperate and had no one to go to.

The next day, Anna was totally broken. In the morning, her uncle came over to their house and started a conversation with Anna’s mom. Anna recalls how she heard them talking about what happened, and her uncle blamed Anna’s mother for letting her stepdad behave this way and not leaving him.

The man was convinced that this is why Anna’s stepfather felt comfortable to do all these things to his stepdaughter. Anna’s mom disagreed with him, saying that she always defended Anna and has never taken off Anna’s hard-earned money. She also revealed that the night before she and her husband had a talk, and he said that Anna had better used her earnings to pay the family bills of his son’s prom, to which Anna’s mom said no, just like Anna did before.

Anna’s stepfather later admitted that he washed the prom dress to teach her a life lesson that she shouldn’t have spent that much money on a dress that could be destroyed so easily.

Anna’s uncle came to the rescue and saved the day for the desperate girl.

Anna was very fortunate to have an uncle who has offered to replace the dress, and he suggested paying the full sum for it. They called the boutique and explained the whole situation to them, and they agreed to order another dress for Anna.

Anna’s mom sent her stepfather a threatening message, and she was going to finally divorce the man, who went so far in building a relationship with her daughter. She has also contacted all their step-in-laws and told them this disgraceful story.

Most of them were really shocked, and some revealed that Anna’s stepdad has often asked them to help him with his finances. Because, as it turned out, he has bought so many things which he couldn’t keep up with.

Anna wrote that, though her story finally had a happy end, and she was very beautiful and happy at her prom, she will always remember how her stepdad misbehaved with her. He tried to come in touch after her prom and even wanted to visit her prom, but she cut all communication with him forever.

Her mom is now going through a very painful divorce procedure, but Anna sincerely believes that from now on, their life will only get better.

And here’s yet another dramatic story which started from a spoiled dress. A woman asked her date to pay for dry cleaning her dress, which he ruined, and the drama ensued.

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