17 Witty Illustrations That Capture the Beauty and Complexity of Being a Woman

2 years ago

All women are different. However, many girls must face the same dilemmas imposed by the society in which we live in a daily and silent struggle. Artist Akshara Ashok captures these situations in her illustrations to make us aware that we’re not the only ones struggling, and also, to remind us to have fun once in a while.

Bright Side chose to share these comics so you too can enjoy the humor of this great illustrator.

1. The harsh reality about female hair

2. “I was just going to get some water, Dad.”

3. “But he was good to me once in 2017.”


5. “Friend, just go to sleep.”

6. “Do you check before flushing?”

7. “AHHHHH!!!”

8. “Technically, money CAN buy happiness.”

9. “Wake up!!”

10. “I want chicken wings! And you?”

11. “Ah, there goes the rent.”

12. “The girls with baby hands, where are they?”

13. “Stop disappearing!”

14. “And then you wake up at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.”

15. “I can’t stop. I’m not going to stop”

16. “I only ate the cake, I did not work out.”

17. Isn’t the effect instantaneous?

What daily situation do you relate to the most? You can see more of this great artist on her YouTube channel and Twitter account.

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Funny, I even send some of them to my girlfriend so we could laugh together!


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