15 Celebrities Who’ve Suddenly Changed Their Look, and We Hardly Recognize Them Now

9 months ago

Style is another way to present your inner self, mood, or values to the whole world. People constantly cut or dye their hair, grow beards, and lose or gain weight to show that something new is happening in their lives. And it seems that celebrities are no exception — from time to time they shock their fans with new looks. Some of them, like Jason Momoa, want to attract attention to important issues, while others just like experimenting. Either way, we just enjoy observing the results.

We at Bright Side were surprised by the transformations some celebrities went through. Sometimes we even had to rub our eyes to make sure we knew who we were looking at! And now, we invite you to check out these new looks and express your opinions about them too.

15. We believe that Jason Momoa is perfect no matter what he does.

14. Kristen Stewart made a brave and impressive change.

13. John Travolta is enjoying his bald moment.

12. A new hairstyle turned Rowan Blanchard into a completely new person.

11. Ariel Winter had a lot of fans doubting if this was really her in the photo.

10. Zayn Malik looks so romantic now.

9. Dylan Sprouse made his way from a boy to a mature man.

So wierd. I just hade a dream about him last night. Nothing too wierd. He came up to me and bummed a cigarette then sold me a pair of knitting needles and was trying to convince me that using them as chopsticks was a viral hack..... okay maybe that's a little wierd.....I'm just gonna go.


8. Emilia Clarke’s look can change, but her smile will always be the same.

7. Lena Waithe shares her experience with a radical transformation.

6. We never knew that Chris Pratt had to lose weight to get the role in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

5. The last time Charlize Theron was brunette was about 12 years ago.

4. To beard or not to beard? Zac Efron has the answer.

3. Joey King also prepared some inspiration for you.

2. We can’t decide which Lana Condor look is cooler.

1. This is the news that all of Katy Perry’s fans have been waiting for.

In your opinion, which new celebrity looks did you like best?


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Chris Pratt looks amazing in his new 'body' :)
Love Guardians of the Galaxy as well ❤️


Not sure what Katy Perry's style I like more. She was so cool badass with her short hair, and now she became such a sweet fine lady. Both of the styles are amazing, actually :)


I hate it that people use that photo of Chris Pratt. The weight gain was for an movie. There is an article about that. When does this stop?


zayne dosen't even need to change his apperience! either way he'll always look hella hot


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