How Plastic Surgery Dramatically Changed These Celebrities

10 months ago

Today it’s not crucial to possess some sort of talent to be famous. Very often, your bright look can make you a star. Some people choose this way to gain popularity and fame.

Bright Side found 10 celebrities who changed too much after numerous plastic surgeries.

10. Caitlyn Jenner, 67

As a man, Jenner was a retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete who set a world record in the 1976 Olympics. He took hormone replacement therapy in the 1980s but stopped it when he met his future wife. In 2015, after the divorce, Bruce changed his name to Caitlyn and had completed sex reassignment surgery.

9. Janice Dickinson, 62

Her difficult childhood, addiction to illegal substances during teenage years, and breast cancer are just a part of what she’s been through. Janice decided to speak openly about herself when she published her memoir. She’s got a lot to tell us: her tough path to success and 37 Vogue covers can easily prove that.

8. Tori Spelling, 44

The daughter of a television producer, Tori became famous after her role in Beverly Hills, 90210. She had her first plastic surgery when she was 16 to fix her nose and later had breast implants. Unfortunately, the surgeries weren’t very successful. However, she’s now a happily married mother of 5 children.

7. Ashley Tisdale, 32

The actress doesn’t deny she had plastic surgeries and claims that she had to do a rhinoplasty for better breathing. Today we can see that the form of her lips has changed too, and her facial expressions aren’t the same as before. Amazingly, she decided to change her looks when she was considered to be a real sex icon of her generation.

6. Mary-Kate Olsen, 31

It was hard to tell the Olsen twins apart before, but now fans aren’t happy about the numerous plastic surgeries Mary-Kate had. She ended her acting career, became a fashion designer, and married Olivier Sarkozy. She definitely has a new look these days: a different form of the lips, a more refined nose, and chiseled cheekbones.

5. Lindsay Lohan, 31

Lindsay’s active life had its impact on both her mental state and appearance. After her last rehabilitation, she decided to improve her looks. She’s had lip injections, and now we can see definite changes in the upper part of her face.

4. Megan Fox, 31

Megan Fox is a great example of when there’s no need for plastic surgery at all. Nature was quite generous when creating her. However, Fox decided to change a lot, mainly because she wanted to improve relationships with her classmates and become popular. The new form of her nose and cheekbones and lip injections make her look like a plastic doll.

3. Rumer Willis, 29

The daughter of 2 sex idols — Bruce Willis and Demi Moore couldn’t accept her nonstandard appearance and decided to make some changes. Rumer shrank her nose, reduced her chin, and had lip injections.

2. Kylie Jenner, 20

The reality television star decided to follow in the footsteps of her sister Kim Kardashian. Since the age of 17, she has undergone several plastic surgeries that changed her looks a lot, including lip injections, breast and hip implants, and rhinoplasty.

1. Bella Thorne, 20

She had her first lip injection when she was 16, followed by a rhinoplasty the next year. She later had breast implants. Maybe she thinks that the changes in her appearance might increase her popularity.


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