My Husband Behaved in a Nasty Way While I Was in Labor, So I Taught Him a Lesson He’ll Never Forget

4 weeks ago

Our reader, a 34-year-old woman named Anna, has never even suspected that her beloved husband would turn into a real monster one day. And she could never have thought that this day would be the day when she was giving birth to their long-awaited and already loved kid. Anna wrote us a letter, where she candidly shared her story and she revealed that she taught her husband a cruel, but a very effective, lesson after his nasty behavior during the birth of their baby.

Anna shared her complicated story in her letter to our editorial.

Anna, 34, has recently sent a letter to our editorial, and her story was both a cry for help and a message to all married people that they should trust each other and support each other in a relationship. The woman experienced a really inappropriate, nasty and even vile behavior of her beloved husband right before she gave birth to their baby, and she decided to not leave it as is, and her revenge was epic.

The woman opened her letter, saying, “My husband and I have been happily married for over 10 years now. I always thought that we did have an ideal relationship and I did believe that he loved me. But his behavior during the very important period of our life has made me question both his feelings and his personality.
We got in a serious fight before our daughter’s birth. He just casually suggested a paternity test for our baby when she was born. Let me explain my feelings about it. This was completely out of the blue, he didn’t provide any reason. I’m a part-time worker who works remotely with no male friends other than my brother.
I asked him if he was accusing me of infidelity, and he said he ‘just wanted to be sure.’ And he went so far, as he kept bringing it up. He was constantly asking about it and the stress started to make me physically ill. I then told him that I didn’t want to talk to him and left to live in my brother’s house.”

Anna was deeply offended, but she still tried to brighten up her relationship.

Anna revealed, “I was desperate about our fight, I thought a lot about it and at some point I thought that I wanted to settle the things between us. I called him while I was gone and tried to work it out, but he refused to even talk to me.”

Anna is getting very emotional while recalling the things that started happening after their fight. She revealed, “After being so severely ignored and humiliated, I came home after 2 days to grab some things while my husband was at work. And then I went into labor. I called him 30 times. Before calling my brother, who called him another half a dozen time himself while on the way to pick me up and then on the way to the hospital.
It was a horrible and traumatic birth. I started crowning in the car and the doctor delivered my daughter in the back of my brother’s van because I was too far along to move me, before rushing me in when I kept bleeding. It was horrible. I hated it all.
My brother’s wife who is a nurse even told me she honestly thought I wouldn’t make it. I also opted for a hysterectomy as it came to that or something more dangerous. I only ever wanted one or none, but my husband wants a large family. I’m trying to bond with my daughter, but it’s been hard.”

Anna and her brother decided to teach her husband a lesson.

Anna revealed, “The point is that during this horrible period while I was returning from surgery (it’s been 10 hours after I called), my husband finally responded. He immediately asked why I hadn’t answered his call. At that moment, my brother had my phone and both him and I were so angry. My brother then said to my husband, ‘Hey, it’s Derek, I’m at the hospital. She didn’t make it.’ And he turned the phone off.”

Anna wrote, “My husband rushed over and got to the hospital when I had just woken up. He started shouting, and the security forced him out. He then didn’t get to see our daughter until the next day because I was all the time asleep, and they needed my signature to allow him back.
My whole family thinks it was horribly cruel, but at the same time we all think he deserved it. My brother keeps telling my husband that I nearly died because we waited for him. My brother used to be mostly indifferent about my husband before, but now he absolutely hates him, you can see it in his face whenever my husband enters the room.”

Anna feels lost in her life because of her husband’s attitude.

Anna wrote, “My husband is mad, and he won’t apologize. He yelled at me when I said that the only reason my brother had my phone was because he wasn’t there. I am trying to be as empathetic as I can, I realize he feels guilty. I’ve spoken to my therapist, and she says I’m having a shock from the trauma.
My MIL said that my family is horribly cruel for this ‘lesson’ we taught her son and that I should go no contact with my brother, and now my husband is saying the same.”

“I just don’t know what to do. It’s been hard even to be in the same room with my husband, and I’ve been sleeping in the guest room with my daughter. He brought up the paternity once, and I just told him to get out of my sight.
However, I just want more opinions because I just don’t know.”

And here’s a mind-stirring story of a woman, whose husband did a paternity test on their kid and it came back negative. The woman never cheated on her husband, and she can swear by it. The couple were even more shocked when they decided to do the test once more, with the genetic material of both of them, and their family is currently living through a real nightmare.

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the brother did exactly the right thing! Some people NEED a bit of a shock to become human


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