I Took the Money My Boyfriend Saved Up for an Apartment and Changed Our Relationship Forever

2 months ago

One of our readers shared a heartwarming story with us. It changed her relationship with her boyfriend forever. It made us feel warm and fuzzy inside, and we would like to share this little story with you. Maybe it’ll inspire you to do something special for your partner, too. After reading her message, we couldn’t agree more: love truly makes the world go round. Let’s dive into the details.

My boyfriend comes from a poor family.

He grew up in a family where every dollar matters. His parents worked long hours in physically demanding jobs and often came home exhausted.

Money was always tight, they had to scrape together coins just to buy groceries for the week. Luxuries like eating out or going on vacations weren’t even thought of. All of them wore hand-me-downs and buying something brand new was a dream.

He wanted to have his own apartment.

When he got older, he wanted to create a better life for himself. He already worked 3 jobs when we met each other and saved every penny. His health was getting worse each month, and I was very worried.

Finally, after years of hard work, he saved up $250k for a small apartment on the outskirts of town. It looked terrible and was definitely overpriced for its condition, but it was the only thing he could afford.

I took his money.

The day before he was going to buy the apartment with the $250k he’d saved up, he had no clue that his savings had actually doubled. He had a whopping $500k! What he didn’t realize was that I had been quietly saving up the same amount every month too. Seeing how hard he worked without ever complaining, I knew he deserved something better than just a basic apartment.

He was shocked.

The next day, he agreed to meet the seller and was about to leave the house. I stopped him and handed him an envelope. He looked confused, and his jaw almost dropped when he saw the money.

He asked me what it was, and I explained that I just wanted to help him. At first, he refused to take the money. He decided to keep it only after I asked him to.

He finally bought his dream apartment.

We found a good apartment that looked much better than the one he wanted to buy. He was over the moon when we moved in. We’re getting married soon, and we want to start a family.

I still remember the joy on his face when he saw the money. It’s moments like those that warm my heart.

Thank you for such a heartwarming message, we are happy to share it with our readers. Love is wonderful, however, not for everyone. In this article, our reader’s friend wants her to babysit his girlfriend and spend some nights with her while he’s away. Now our reader is confused and worried about his friend’s relationship.


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