12 Turns of Events That Freaked People Out

2 months ago

We often believe we understand someone completely or can foresee precisely how a situation will unfold. Yet, the universe has its own unique ways of surprising us when we least expect it. The stories in this article are filled with plot twists that were difficult to imagine, serving as a reminder that nothing is as straightforward as it appears.

  • Our first date was wonderful, except she was going to the restroom room every 15 minutes and coming back with a little more makeup on her face every time. By the end of the night, the waiter came to me with a frown and said, «Sir, you might want to follow her this time to see what’s going on there.»
    I did, and to my horror, I saw that the restroom was littered with discarded napkins and smudged makeup wipes everywhere. Cosmetic products were scattered haphazardly across the countertop. Witnessing her fervent makeup application, I refrained from commenting that night but didn’t ask her out again. I don’t know what was wrong with her, but either she had some sort of extremely peculiar repetitive behavior, or she was really nervous that night.
  • My brother, whom we’ll call Steve, had a fiancée named Samantha, and they have a son together. One day, Samantha started locking her phone, coming home later, showing all the usual signs of a cheater.
    Then, one weekend, she said she was going to a work event about 250 miles away and would be staying in a motel there. Steve grew suspicious and decided to call the room late at night, around 1 am. A guy answered—it was our other brother... © Unknown author / Reddit
  • A girl I went to high school with had a boyfriend. After like 2 years, she found out that her boyfriend was being paid by a lesbian to go out with the girl so that the lesbian could pretend to be him online and talk to her. I guess it was to make the girl fall in love with her or something. © 808breakdown / Reddit
  • My dad got married a few years ago. I started to notice some strange connections I had to her via Facebook, and it eventually came to my attention that my new stepmother was coincidentally the second cousin of my ex-girlfriend. Therefore, technically making my ex-girlfriend related to me by marriage. © Unknown author / Reddit
  • Doctors initially suspected I had Mono, then cat scratch fever, and later meningitis. They were wrong, and my mom ended up asking them to check for Leukemia. It turned out to be Leukemia AND cat scratch fever. © maciballz / Reddit
  • A friend from university was the kind of guy that would always talk about his romantic conquests, whether it be in the past or what he wanted to do in the future. He was always good for a guy’s night and good conversation. He is really smart and always completely honest with you about whatever you asked.
    He told me recently he’s been hiding his true self the whole time and is becoming a woman. © chemical_echo / Reddit
  • I used to believe that my grandfather was the most loving person in our family, until my mother disclosed that he didn’t want her to have me when she became pregnant. He made my early years as a toddler quite unhappy.
  • One of my best friends started dating a guy who claimed to be from South Africa.
    About six months later, we discovered that he wasn’t actually South African at all. He had been faking the accent and inventing a whole backstory. It turned out he was American and had grown up just a couple of towns over. Despite this revelation, she stayed with him for a while. © melishka / Reddit
  • I could never figure out why my real dad hated my stepmom’s sister. Finally, my real mom told me that my stepmom’s sister dated, and cheated on my dad. She introduced my stepmom to my dad as a consolation prize.
    And I must keep this all top secret from my stepmom. © youmeanthatwimpydeer / Reddit
  • He and I had just started dating, and he was going through a divorce while being low on money. I invited him for a romantic weekend. I gladly paid for a hotel room and food, helped him with gas money, and even gave him some grocery money for the next week. All on my treat, as I was happy to help, and I didn’t ask for repayment. I just suggested that he could get dinner (or something) next time we saw each other, if he could.
    When he got home, this man had the absolute audacity to text me to say that I was irresponsible with money. © TheBi***IsBack*** / Reddit
  • Throughout my life, I believed I was adopted because my family, especially my mom’s sister, treated me poorly. Later, I discovered that this aunt was actually my biological mother. She had given me up, and much to her disapproval, it was her sister who raised me.
  • My best friend in high school was a lesbian. She told everyone she had multiple girlfriends, and everyone accepted it. No big deal.
    I got a boyfriend senior year. After I graduated, I went on a two-week vacation with my family, and I had a suspicion he was cheating. I confided in my best friend, pouring out my sadness to her.
    She reassured me, saying, «Oh, I’m sure he isn’t. You’re just being overdramatic. You’re going to ruin your relationship if you keep accusing him of cheating on you.» Three months later, I found out he was cheating with my ’lesbian’ best friend. © sykosammatic / Reddit

Strangers also have the ability to completely astonish us with their unexpected actions. In this article, we’ve gathered stories where complete strangers have done things that these people will never be able to forget.

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