Meg Ryan’s Fans Are Glad That the «Damage Wasn’t Permanent» as She’s Finally Looking Like a 62 Y.O.

2 months ago

In 2023, people online got surprised by a picture of Meg Ryan. She seemed very different during Michael J. Fox’s documentary show. But now, in 2024, at the Oscars, she appeared entirely changed. Fans loved how she aged gracefully without any artificial changes.

Meg Ryan in 2023.

In a picture with Michael J. Fox, the actress had smooth skin, plump lips, and her famous blonde hair. Soon, the internet was filled with comments guessing if she had plastic surgery, which Ryan had always said wasn’t true.

Meg Ryan at the 2024 Oscars party.

Lance Goldberg/Broadimage Entertainment/Broad Image/East News, Lance Goldberg/Broadimage Entertainment/Broad Image/East News

At the 2024 Vanity Fair Oscars party, the 62-year-old star stole the show in a stunning sleeveless dress. It sparkled with gold and silver floral patterns. The top had a short, lacy skirt with luxurious flower details flowing down her chest. Meg’s matching skirt elegantly reached the floor, hiding her shoes underneath its flowing fabric.

She’s aging with grace.

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In MY opinion, the only thing that shows any sign of ageing is her neck. She's lovely in every way


Fans were fast to praise the You’ve Got Mail actress, noting how Meg is «aging naturally.» Another person observed, ’’I’m glad she looks more natural lately, more like herself. She looks great!’’

A third commenter added, ’’She looks great! For a while there, was way too much Botox, especially fillers...I’m glad the damage wasn’t permanent.’’

Another well-known celebrity recently accused of having plastic surgery is Tom Cruise. Fans were taken aback when they saw his latest look next to Prince William. You can see his pics here.

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