My Step Daughter Is a Crazy Hormonal Teen, and She Saved My and My Baby’s Lives

2 months ago

Sometimes, the relationship between stepchildren and step-parents is very far from ideal. Being not related to each other by blood, they may find it hard to find a common language in their communication. For today’s heroine, it seemed to be just the case, and her stepdaughter was far from being an angel with her behavior. But one day, she really became an angel for her stepmom and saved her and her baby. The grateful woman posted about this on Reddit, and many people couldn’t hold back tears after reading her story.

The woman came to Reddit to tell her mind-boggling story.

A woman, who has suddenly experienced a big shock in her life, has come to one of the Reddit communities to ask people for a piece of advice. However, this wasn’t just a mere advice that she needed about her situation, she asked people to help her express her gratitude to her stepdaughter who did an impossible thing for her and her baby.

The woman began her story, saying, that there was a day in her life when she felt helpless and needed someone around so badly.

She wrote, «So a couple of weeks ago I was 36 weeks pregnant with my son, On this day, my husband had left at 8 am and took our two younger children to his parent’s house and my stepdaughter had already left for the day, to get her senior class schedule and do a few other things done for the school year.»

The woman was absolutely alone and, unexpectedly, things were out of her control. She said, «I was home alone when all of a sudden I went into labor, I had been cleaning the kid’s bathroom, when I realized I thought I only needed to use the toilet, I felt a lot of pressure and when I looked down My babies feet were hanging out, I managed to move onto the floor and then realized I was bleeding out, I couldn’t move I had to scream for help hoping a neighbor or a passerby would notice.»

The woman’s step daughter became her hero.

The woman named her post in a way that hints to the people that her relationship with her stepdaughter was a tad tough previously. She titled the post, «My stepdaughter went from crazy hormonal teen to sweet loving teen after she saved both my baby and my own lives.»

But this «crazy hormonal teen» has unexpectedly become a real angel for the woman and her baby.

The woman wrote, «I don’t know how long I was on the floor for but it felt like hours, but after a while, I heard the front door open then close and I screamed out, My stepdaughter ran upstairs to find me on the bathroom floor, she went to get some towels and grabbed her phone to call 911. I knew she was terrified and had to grab her hand to give her reassurance. The operator on the phone pretty much told her she had to deliver the baby herself until the ambulance got there.»

The young lady demonstrated such dedication in her wish to help, that the woman was shocked. She wrote, «She followed everything the operator and delivered my baby boy, when My baby was out he wasn’t breathing so she pretty much tore the bathroom apart looking for a nasal aspirator, by the time she got the baby to breathe again, the ems had arrived, where both me and baby were taken to the hospital. Later on, when my husband arrived at the hospital the doctor told them if my stepdaughter hadn’t come home when she did, Both me and the baby would have died.»

The girl showed great love and care after the baby was finally born.

The woman revealed that after her baby was born and things settled in the family, her stepdaughter remained loving and caring towards everyone.

She wrote, «Even after both me and my baby were able to come home, my husband hadn’t been able to take off time yet so my stepdaughter took it upon herself to cancel all plans with her friends, and look after the kids while I rested, cooked dinner and cleaned the house as well.»

The woman confessed that she had to rethink her attitude to the girl. She explained, «That and on top of all that has been my rock, In all honesty, these 3 weeks I have gotten to know her more than in the 11 years I have been her stepmom. I have never been for thankful for what she has done.»

Now the woman wanted a piece of advice from Redditors. She wrote, «I mentioned to my husband last night I feel like she needs a gift or something to show her thankful for what she has done. Neither of us can think of anything though. any ideas?»

People on Reddit were bursting with emotions.

People were very much impressed by the woman’s story.

One person immediately commented, saying, «Gifts are nice but don’t forget to voice your feelings as well that’s also very important.»

Another person said, «Hey crazy hormonal teen here from what I gathered your daughter is a senior if I’m not mistaken?

Well If I were you I’d ask her directly because idk if it’s just me but I usually prefer when my parents ask me if I want something instead of them guessing what I’d like. While this would ruin the surprise I feel like it’d be surprise enough just her realizing you’re getting her a gift.

Basically, as a fellow teen, I think you should just ask her if there is anything she would like as a thank you.»

And another one wrote, «Does she wear jewelry? Could you get her a nice necklace or ring with the date of your son’s birthday inscribed on it?»

And here’s a story from a woman, who wasn’t so lucky to have a loving and caring daughter of her own. She had to kick her daughter out of the house, despite she was pregnant and had 6 kids, and the reason made our hearts sink.

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