My Husband Didn’t Let Me Go to The Hospital Because He’s a Doctor

3 months ago

Trust is important in any relationship, and it’s especially important when it comes to health. If your family member happens to be a doctor, you fully rely on them. However, when your concerns are brushed off, trust starts to crumble. This is what our reader faced: her husband’s attitude towards her health nearly led to a heartbreaking outcome.

Our reader reached out to us.

Thanks for reaching out! We’re here to help you with this situation, and we’ve got a few tips that could be useful for you.

Trust your instincts.

As a pregnant woman, you know your body best. If you’re feeling any unusual or ongoing pain, don’t hesitate to reach out for medical help regardless of what anyone else, even a medical professional, tells you. Your well-being and the health of your baby are top priorities. Don’t let anyone dismiss your concerns or downplay your symptoms.

Find other options.

If you ever feel unsure about the advice your husband gives about your health, or if you think your concerns aren’t being taken seriously, it’s totally fine to seek a second opinion. It’s not about undermining his expertise, it’s about making sure you feel sure and cared for. Getting advice from another professional can help ease your mind and ensure you’re getting the best care possible.

Educate yourself.

Even though your husband is a medical expert, you need to learn about pregnancy symptoms and possible complications. This understanding gives you the power to speak up for your health and ensure you get the care you need. Use books, articles, and websites to learn about pregnancy. Think about joining prenatal classes offered by hospitals, community centers, or online.

Create an emergency plan.

Create a plan with your husband for any potential health emergencies in the future. Make a list of steps to follow if you have severe symptoms, such as when to seek medical help and who to call for assistance. This plan will ensure you both know what to do in case of unexpected health issues.

It’s great when your loved ones make small surprises on special days. In this story, our reader’s boyfriend convinced her that she could choose whatever she wanted, which led her to believe it was his birthday gift for her. However, the bill also ended up being hers.


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